Observer Article On African Political Leadership Awar


Dear Mr. M’bai,

I saw this article in the Observer.  Is it a hoax?  I think you should investigate. I can find no other source of information about this award other than sources citing the Observer and the Namibian press covering the award supposedly given to the Namibian President.

ISATOUFurther, the information provided is sufficiently contradictory to merit a probe. First, the VP states that the award was situated in the annual conference of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators.  The national conference is scheduled for December in LA and I can find no confirmation that the theme is “rethinking social responsibility and governance structures.” The Black Caucus Foundation did have a meeting from Sept 16-20 in DC but there is no information that any awards were given to African political leaders nor is social responsibility and governance structures a theme in the program. Second, the article states that the award was given by the African Leadership Magazine. I do not find any information on their web site that the Magazine has given out any Political Leadership awards. The magazine seems to give out Business Leadership awards. Further, the timing of the award does not coincide with the Leadership award allegedly conferred.

If the article is not a hoax, Gambians need to correct the record with the sponsors of the award with the objective of having whatever organizations are involved rescind it. An award for good governance and economic management, really?

Yours truly,

A  Reader

Washington DC

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