Son Of Former Gambian President Placed On A Less Than Fifty Cent Daily Jail Meal!


Ebrima Jawara, the son of Gambia’s former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, who continues to languish under state custody is now at the mercy of Yahya Jammeh’s rogue judiciary and the NIA before he would be released on court bail, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jawara is being denied bail on the grounds that he is likely to interfere with an ongoing investigations in regards to a matter in which he Jawara is said to be a party to the case. A High court judge in Banjul, has ruled that Mr. Jawara must stay in custody for the next fourteen days, when the prosecution is expected to file additional charges against the former President’s son.

ebrahima_jawara-sEbrima Jawara’s co-accused person Dr Alasan Bah, was granted bail in the sum of D10 million, while Jawara was refused bail. The judge grounded his bail refusal for Jawara on the basis that Ebrima’s former title as Permanent Secretary and influence was likely to undermine the ongoing NIA investigations.

Dr Alasan Bah, Ebrima Jawara, Sulayman Manneh, Lamin Fatajo and Momodou Lamin Mass, were on September 7,  2015, arraigned before Magistrate Ms. Fatou Darboe of the Banjul Magistrates’ Court on a ten-count charge ranging from: economic crime, to stealing by clerk or servant, theft, and abuse of office, which they all denied, the Point Newspaper reported.

Ebrima Jawara’s current legal woes has left him completely isolated. He is on his own. His Dad Sir Dawda Jawara, a man of high moral standing and respecter of the rule of law wouldn’t want to interfere with the matter. He is keenly monitoring developments despite his old age.

jammeh and jawaraEbrima’s mom Lady Njameh Mboge Jawara is serving time in the UK through a restricted house arrest curfew after she was found guilty of defrauding #20,000 pounds sterling from the British government on welfare related abuse case. Njameh cannot travel outside the UK unless she finish serving her jail term.

According to sources, Ebrima Jawara had to scout around to find a family member, who could help him secure the services of a lawyer to represent him in court.  His family partly failed him with the exception of David Jawara. Sources have it that David contributed immensely towards securing lawyer for his embattled brother. 

Lawyer Ida Drammeh was at the High court the other day and she announced her representation for Ebrima Jawara. She tried to convince the presiding judge to grant bail to her client, but the judge said any attempt to release Mr. Jawara on bail would jeopardize the ongoing NIA investigations.

Mr. Ebrima Jawara has been placed on a daily jail meal of less than fifty United Sates cent. The quality of the food is not that good, and he has been confined to a mosquito infested overcrowded cell.  

It would be recalled that Ebrima Jawara authored a book some years ago, praising dictator Yahya Jammeh and the developmental projects his regime spearheaded since toppling his Dad from power in July of 1994.  Ebrima chastises his Dad Sir Dawad in his book saying that Jawara’s regime overstayed its welcome, and that it betrayed the wishes and aspirations of Gambians at the material time. Hence, Jammeh and his partners in crime had to step in to bailout the country from self-perpetual rule.

Ebrima Jawara is a British subject. He holds dual Citizenship. He was heading the multi-million dollars agricultural project annexed at the State House prior to his sacking and subsequent imprisonment. His fate remains unknown.  Ebrima continues to languish in prison. 

Written by a Staff Writer

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