Ya Fatou Nyang Dies!


The death of Ya Fatou Nyang of the United Kingdom has been announced. Ms. Nyang used to live in Central London. She is the mum of Sheikh Jeng. Mr. Jeng is an IT expert. He emailed the Freedom Newspaper to inform us about the unfortunate demise of his mother. The late Ya Fatou Nyang was a true and loyal Freedom Radio Gambia fan. Our Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai met the old lady during a visit to the UK two years ago. Ms. Nyang was hooked up to Freedom Radio. Our medium was her main source of news when it comes to Gambian matters. She was a Muslim to the core; God fearing; kind hearted and charming so to speak.  Her demise is a big loss to The Gambia, and her people. May God reserve place for her in Janna (Heaven). 

The Late Ya Fatou Nyang (1) newWe reproduce below an email Sheikh sent out to the Freedom Newspaper team.  Read on…..


Please find attached the picture of your late mum Ya Fatou Nyang a woman of high intelligence and foresight. A woman highly up to date with the political situation of the Gambia. A fan of all the online radios especially freedom radio. She was always involved in the political discourse  and always wanted  a Gambia free from oppression, illegal arrest and detentions. A Gambia with law and order and free from injustices. This is the woman we have lost on Monday the 21/09/15.  She was finally laid to rest in the Gambia on the 30/09/15. May her soul rest in perfect peace. 



Sheikh Jeng, UK

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