Jammeh’s Mom Collapses; Soldier Detained At Fajara Tortured!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians according to our state house DCC agent dictator Jammeh’s mother Asombi Bojang collapsed yesterday and has been evacuated to Belgium. This time Asombi is very sick, she has been very stressed about the entire family and do not understand why her son is a monster. The entire family has broken and no one trust no one and everyone is pointing fingers at each other. It’s monster Jammeh’s at his best, mix, divide and rule, even his own family members are suffering. Dictator Jammeh’s elder brother Araba who had migrated to the Kombos has return back to Kanilai. Dictator Jammeh has divided and conquered Araba’s family, nobody can escape the cruelness of monster Jammeh including his own family. 

YAHYA JAMMEH (3)Fellow Gambians, as predicted monster Jammeh did not attend the UN general assembly and unless something change monster Jammeh is not planning to travel until after the 2016 election. Right now his major priority is to arrest, jail or kill anyone who can come between him and the 2016 election. He will even spend a lot of money to buy his enemies and after election he will turn against them, write this down. Fellow Gambians as we speak there is chaos at state house. Monster Jammeh continues to divide and conquer the soldiers and is succeeding in making them turn against each other. For now Saul Badjie and Musa Savage have been mixed by dictator Jammeh and they will soon collide.

 Another victim who is a young officer and just returned from UN Darfur mission is Ousainy Jammeh AKA Asamai(Tiger) . Asamai is currently being detained at the Fajara barracks and he has been severely tortured. When Asamai returned from Darfur monster Jammeh attached him to Saul Badjie and lately withdrew him and brought him back to the state house. A month ago Saul Badjie met Asamai at state house and ask him what he is doing there and Asamai also ask Saul Badjie what he is doing at the state house. They quarreled and Asamai told Saul that he knows what he is up to and that Saul is a cruel person. This is dictator Jammeh’s at his best, he is the one who instructed Asamai to attack Saul. Monster Jammeh is trying all means to attack Saul Badjie and using different tactics. After leaving state house Saul Badjie issued directives for Asamai to be arrested and detained at Fajara Barracks and also instructed the Black Black to torture Asamai almost every day. DCC can confirm to you that Asamai is a loyal and discipline soldier who has fall under monster Jammeh trickery. Monster Jammeh knows that Asamai is under detention and has been severely tortured but he is turning a blind eye on this. The international community should know that a Gambian soldier who has served under the UN is currently under detention and is under torture, if they don’t interfere he will soon DIE. The UN should have his name under their file.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh is here at state house and on a daily basis insulting everyone. Dictator Jammeh has started sacking some of the protocol girls, two were dismissed yesterday. Once dictator Jammeh learned that some of the protocol girls have absconded he is furious and is making plans on how to address the ones remaining in the country. Even devil Zeinab is pretending that she is just finding out about these protocol girls, she is pretending that she is angry with monster Jammeh.  Zeinab is also not happy that she traveled to the US leaving her son behind. She hardly leaves Muhammed behind. She is currently in the United States. DCC is advising all the girls to leave the country. Jimbeh Jammeh is confused and crying every day, but since 2011 The Soldier has been warning these pimps. Ndey Jammeh, Sana Jarju, Jimbeh Jammeh, Ablie Jammeh(driver who picks the girls) and Alieu Sanyang chief orderly to this day continue to bring girls to dictator Jammeh. Gambians please do not let these people be near your family members, they are always hunting for girls for dictator Jammeh. The international community should know that the people mentioned above are the main women recruiters for dictator Jammeh. Sana Jarju don’t you know that DCC knows that you are in America visiting your wife who lives with Pierre Minteh, do you want to deny that. Why is your wife staying in America when Gambia is a nice place? DCC is warning all the girls who have slept with monster Jammeh and this include the female soldiers to leave the country. Dictator Jammeh is working with Saul Badjie to come with a way to silence these girls and they will DO IT. 

Monster Jammeh, DCC knows everything you are doing. Whenever you invite a woman at statehouse we know it, TIME WILL TELL. My boss Pa Nderry Mbai monster Jammeh has been calling America and talking to Ousman Sonko to find out if the people in America are demonstrating or not. He is very afraid and not happy. According to our DCC agent who traveled with the turtle Isatou Njie saidy, she was not happy with the reception she received and this has been reported to monster Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh is furious with the APCR militants in America, they only make noise when dictator Jammeh is in America so that he can give them some money. Monster Jammeh told the VP that if he is the one who was in America the APRC militants will come to the hotel begging for some money.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written by the Soldier 

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