Samsudeen Sarr Should Apologise and Repent!


Dear Editor, I am not interested in the war of words between Samsudeen Sarr and other Gambians opposed to the reign of Yahya Jammeh.

However I can attest with confidence that Sarr, as a former military official caused untold sufferings to many Gambians and was so disrespectful and disobedient to authority. As a result of his insubordination, Yahya Jammeh had no other choice but to sack him.

sam-sarr-smallSarr promptly escaped arrest via Senegal (a country he is now shamelessly abusing) and fled to the USA to seek sanctuary.

Instead of attacking the US government and President Obama, Sarr should be grateful and thank the USA for granting him asylum. That’s what is expected from good and grateful people.

The book Sarr wrote about Yahya Jammeh and Gambia is full with inaccuracies and lies. But that is his opinion.

Also Sarr must be aware that people still remember the manner he treated those alleged coup plotters on National TV including Alieu Bah, by falsely implicating them thus paving the way to their untimely death by firing squad. 

The deceased families are still mourning and weeping but Sarr remain arrogant and blaming victims for their own suffering. This is unbelievable!

Instead of being egotistical and merciless, I think Sarr should apologise and repent before his people and God before it is too late. Long live The Gambia.

Mrs Anna Njie Smith

Scotland, UK

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