Sinners Too Enjoy Some Love; Loui Gomez Of The NIA Exposed!!


His name is Loui Gomez. He is the number two man at Gambia’s “terrorist National Intelligence Agency” (NIA) hierarchy in Banjul. This is the guy, Mr. Ousman Bojang, NIA’S former Analysis Director, identified during an interview with this medium as the main man coordinating the tortures at the NIA and elsewhere across the country.  Mr. Gomez works with dictator Yahya Jammeh’s constituted assassin team called the “jungullars”, according to his former colleague Ousman Bojang, who now lives in exile in neighboring Senegal. He supervises torture sessions and obtained confessionary statements from detainees through duress.

photo (6)Mr. Gomez is a native of Jeshwang. He is a former employee of the defunct National Security Services (NSS). He was reintegrated into the NIA after the disbandment of the NSS in July of 1994. He served in various Divisions (Directorates) at the NIA since its inception.

While heading the NIA’s Operations Unit, Loui Gomez has rendered many Gambians missing; disappeared in the thin air, tortured, and in some occasions murdered by Jammeh’s assassin team. The NIA’S Operations Unit enforces arrest and torture orders coming from their Commander-in-Chief Yahya Jammeh. The Agency reports to Jammeh by virtue of a Military Decree that was promulgated in the early days of the coup, which toppled Jawara thirty years rule.

Mr. Gomez, a soft spoken dude, has been regarded as one of the most brutal and heartless agents at the NIA. One should not be deceived or over carried by his fake “gentlemanly” comportment. Loui is a different creature under the cover of darkness. He is as evil as monster Yahya Jammeh.

According to Ousman Bojang, while he (Bojang) was working at the Agency, Mr. Gomez would call him to witness the torture of detainees. Bojang tells Freedom Radio Gambia that the tortures are usually carried out by dictator Jammeh’s assassin team.

“I knew Louis Gomez back in the days as a young lad growing up in Bwiam. Louis was a teacher before joining the intelligence services. I have always looked up to him as a role model before joining the NIA. When I met him at the NIA, he treated me as a brother. I have worked under him. I have served in various divisions at the NIA. While working at the NIA, Loui would call me each time that he has a detainee to process for investigations. What happens is: Loui would have the “jungullars” to escort the detainee(s) to a special torture chamber and torture the person in our presence. Loui would ask the detainee to just confess before the “jungullars” would kill him. If the person refuses to confess, he would be taken back to the NIA and be picked up at a later date to be tortured again. I have witnessed people tortured while Loui was heading the operations division at the NIA,” Mr. Bojang said.

downloadBojang said neither him nor Loiu have ever physically participated in the torture of detainees, but to the best of his recollection, the jungullars were under Loui’s command. He said his role at the torture sessions was to help Loui to compile statements from the tortured detainees.

“So many tortures occurred at the NIA while I was working there. Since Loui was my superior, I have no other alternative, but to comply with his command to witness the tortures.  Torture exists at the NIA. Loui coordinates the torture of detainees,” Mr. Bojang charged.

Mr. Ousman Bojang also talked about General Saul Badjie and co allegedly plotting to overthrow the Jammeh government in 2012. He said when he received the intelligence report from one of the agency’s handlers in Senegal, he forwarded the report to his boss, the late Numo Kujabi. The intelligence report allegedly talked about General Badjie working with some Jakai rebels in Casamance and soldiers to overthrow the government.

saul-badjieMr. Bojang said due to the sensitivity of the report, and the bureaucracy at the NIA, the matter was never brought to the President’s attention.  Numo, he said, was bit reluctant to pursue the coup report involving General Badjie and co—given mighty Badjie’s influence and close ties with the dictator. Numo was not sure what would come out of the report. Hence, the report was buried under the carpet.

According to Mr. Bojang, General Badjie and his alleged co coupists ganged up and make up stories that he (Bojang) was instead plotting to overthrow the regime.  He said Badjie used his in-law one Yadi Jallow to fabricate that he was plotting a coup against the state.

“General Saul Badjie and co came to my radar while I was working at the NIA. I received a report from Senegal stating that a General close to the President, including some Jakai rebels and soldiers were plotting to overthrow the government.  This was in 2012. The report is still at the NIA if they don’t burn it. The late Numo Kujabi was aware of the report. For some reasons, the report was never pursued. I later became a victim. General Badjie’s in-law Yadi Jallow turned me in to the NIA that I was involved in a coup. Yadi’s sister, one Fatou Jallow was married to General Badjie at the time. I have seen some connections between the December 30, 2014 coup and the 2012 General Badjie failed coup. It is a matter of time before the President would find out for himself. General Badjie is a traitor,” Ousman Bojang alleged.

Mr. Loui Gomez is happily married, blessed with kids. He is next in command at the NIA after Yankuba Badjie. He could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press.

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

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