Jammeh Gave Money And Ram To Momodou Sabally, As He Lines Him Up For Another Top Job!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh is an interesting character. The other day, he invited his former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally to Kanilai, where he held a secret meeting with the disgraced former SG.  Mr. Sabally walked out of the Kanilai meeting with D250,000 dalasi cash including five rams Jammeh gave him for his Tobaski.  Jammeh also told him that he would like to see him after the Tobaski feast, because he has a mission for him to execute. It is a job related mission.  Sabally will soon bounce back!

sg_momodou_sabally-dThe generator that was allocated to him and later seized by the regime, has been returned. He is also enjoying regular electricity supply, unlike in the recent past, in which his home was being disconnected for late payment of utility bills. Sabally is now balling. The onetime broke SG, has recovered from his financial misfortunes–thanks to a bailout he received from his Godfather dictator Yahya Jammeh

Sabally is gradually regaining his self-esteem and confidence.  A Freedom Newspaper informant met the controversial Gambian pen at his home, where he was seen dishing out brand new bank notes to visitors and loved ones. Sabally even hosted his in-law at his home, who recently returned from attending pilgrimage from Mecca. He could be seen climbing the stairs of his house with stacks of bank notes.

Momodou Sabally has no intention of leaving the country, even though some members of his family are pressing him to relocate to overseas. He still believes that he could be of use to his country and Babilimansa. Jammeh is eying him for another top position in his government. Sabally’s comeback will come as a surprise to Gambians. 

The likes of General Saul Badjie, Yankuba Badjie, Loui Gomez, and some bureaucrats at Quadrangle should better brace up for their pink slips. They will soon be fired and detained. Jammeh mastered the game of divide and rule. It is a matter of time before the aforementioned folks would be shown the exit door. 

Also lined up to be fired is Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye. Jammeh is openly saying that he is looking for Neneh’s replacement. Many heads are going to roll in coming days. Stay tuned… 


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