Has Dictator Yahya Jammeh Declared A Media War Against His Former Press Secretary?


The Daily Observer has laid hands on the Cautionary Statement written and signed by Fatou Camara, the former GRTS TV talk show host and former director of Press and Communication at the Office of the President who is currently living in the USA. There are startling revelations that will interest our readers to know about her, her lifestyle and the type of woman she really is.

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Fatou Camara, the former GRTS I am Fatou Camara, I was born in Banjul, my father is Modou Lamin Camara and my mum is Fatou Njie.  I attend Albion Primary School, then Gambia High School. I finished High School in 1994, then work for Radio 1 FM.  I worked for NYSS in 1996 whilst doing part time with citizen FM.  I left Gambia in 1996 to study Media and Communication in Birmingham.  In 1998, I joined GRTS as a Reporter and Newscaster.  In 2000 I travelled to the US to be with my husband now ex. 2002, I came back to the Gambia and worked briefly with Camelot as Marketing Manager, I later went back to GRTS as Newscaster.  In 2005 I worked at the US Embassy as protocol Assistant and Military Liason Officer.  In 2008, I set up I-Media Company and started The Fatu Show. In 2010, I was appointed as Director of Press & Communication, Office of the President.  I was relieved after 3 months and got re-appointed to the same position in 2013 and was later removed, shortly after, I went back to my show and News reading.  My phone numbers since 2002 are 9552002, 7722229, 6552002, 9966002.

Below is the Cautionary Statement ;


njogu bahI have a facebook account Fatou Camara as my personal one and a fan page Fatu Show.  My one and only email address is [email protected].  I got to know about Ma- Nyima Bojang through GRTS Marketing Manager, Sadibou Jammeh, who told me that Ms. Bojang says she always calls me, but I don’t pick.  I then told Sadibou that she has to send me a text that way I will know its her.  I spoke to her later and she told me that she wanted to be on my show. I accepted and gave her air time, that was the last time I heard from her until August 19th 2013, when I was coming from Dakar, a friend Fa Touray who was with me at the time told me there was negative publicity on Ma- Nyima, I told Fatou Touray that I will read it when I get home few days later, after I read it, I called Ma- Nyima after I got her number from Sheriff Bojang and I offered her some advice as to how she should avoid at all cost negative publicity. And that whatever she does, my boss’ name the President should be excluded especially on publication.  She then expressed shock at the report and told me that some parts are true and that she dated former S.G Njogu but never slept with him, I jokingly told her that I don’t believe that.  Then she said she was told that either Sheriff Bojang or myself are behind the story. At that juncture, I made it clear to her that she has nothing on me at that I am more educated and successful than her, meaning defaming her is very irrelevant to me, cause we are not at the same level.  I also remained her about a publicity she put on her magazine about me and she denied it.

Ma- Nyima wrote a piece on her magazine about a woman who is separated from her husband and that she is dating a twenty five year old man.  Earlier there was an online story about me and that twenty five year old man.  I am a much more experienced journalist than Ma- Nyima and reading in between the lines, I knew she was referring to that incident. I guess the magazine is available for investigators to see (hottest spot page 3).  Again I had many calls regarding the write up, but I ignored it until I had the chance to talk to her.

mbaiAgain, when I called Ma- Nyima, I did not extend any information to her by Pa Nderry I told her that I read some disturbing into on her and that she should try and avoid negative publicity.  Nothing on dating with the President was discussed on that publication. 95% of the write up was on her, how she dates many men including Njugo, her background, her employees and her life.  I don’t know her so that was all news to me.

fatou 3I spoke at the event and said that since Awa has a dress on with the President’s pictures, she should consider herself a winner; cause the President is a winner.  I hugged her and said that I am sure H.E The President is proud of her, likewise every other Gambian.  It was a brief appearance that did not even last five minutes.  All this time I was working as Director of Press and I said on my travel clearance application that I was going to make arrangements with Musicians for the Fatu Show anniversary, and I did exactly about me and Jules Diop, it was personal as two adults for Sen Petile Gaule and a possible collaboration with them for a fund raising event.  We agreed verbally to work on this around November or December.  Sulayman Jules Diop is a friend of mine who expressed interest in dating with me.  He called when I was with Ali and Vivian for us to meet later.  He met Ali and I went out to have a meal with him.  He told me, he likes me and would want us to date.  I told him I don’t know him that well and besides I don’t date light skinned me.  We called each other few times and I could remember I text him to say he should not call me again.  Our issues are very personal and nothing else.  My time with TFM was not actually an interview. I was invited to cheer up Awa Jonga, a Gambian participating on Sen-Petit Galle with all the negative publicity on that piece I doubt there was anything about dating the President.  I think she is making this up to get attention.

I did not intimidate Ma- Nyima about knowing H.E The President well and personally.  I told her that the President saw me grow up and H.E has contributed in my life and I guess nobody can defame me to him.  About an amount of D200, 000 I cannot remember talking to Nyima about that I think that is another strategy she is using in her quest to implicate me which I still don’t know why.

My quote about the pen, the sword and the power of women, this actually is to celebrate womanhood.  I posted a nice photo of mine on facebook and I put a quote which I thing celebrates women.  It is nothing political absolutely.

I personally have not signed any contract with companies internal or external.  The contracts I have pertaining to the Fatu Show are with Comium, Gambega and GRA are all made and signed by GRTS on behalf of I-Media company.  We work on percentage basis 60% for GRTS and 40% for I media Company, all the monies are paid to GRTS directly except the GRA contract which the GRA wants to pay to I-Media and the GRTS Marketing Manager, Sadibou Jammeh has agreed to that and upon payment, the GRTS money should be paid to them as we do something.

Recently I was in Dakar and I had a meeting with Ndiaga Ndour and Bubacarr Jallow (Boubs) about airing the Fatu Show programmes on TFM.  We did not sign any contract yet, but we talked about giving them Fatu Show tapes to air in Dakar.  Bubacarr Jallow and Ndiaga Ndour can be contacted to verify this issue.

I have no contract that I have signed with external companies.  Again feel free to investigate.

vivianWhile I was in Dakar, I met Vivian Chidid a musician and a friend about the Fatu Show anniversary which I wanted her to perform.  All our discussion took place in the presence of Ali, a soldier at the State House who drove me to Dakar.  My discussion with Vivian was purely about music and how we want to work on a joint event in The Gambia.  Another meeting I had was with Prince Art Studio, this again was about a joint kids event what I meant by Ma-Nyima was running her mouth is that it is said that she is boosting about being the one who made me lose my job.  When I heard it, I said no, cause she is too irrelevant to have the capacity to do that; I guess I underestimated her.  Then I called Sheriff Bojang and ask him if Ma- Nyima is capable of that, he also said he does not think so and I told him that I don’t believe in that rumors either.

I know for a fact that I did not tell Ma-Nyima that she is dating the President.  One, she already told me that she is dating Njogu Bah, so that question will not make sense, besides I have respect for the President and would not drag him to that kind of mess, he is an authority.  Nobody ever said she is dating the President, she herself said she is dating Njogu.  I think Ma- Nyima just wants publicity and importance.

Even though I know clearly that she was referring to me.  Another encounter I had with her was on Sunday September 15th when I called her to say she is running her mouth too much and she needs to stop.  She got offended and once she started arguing I hanged up on her and few hours later I was picked up by the NIA.  I have never in my life contributed to any publication about Ma-Nyima, I don’t even know her and like I said she has nothing on me.  She is just a wanabe looking for publicity and wanna use me.

f tourayI went to Dakar after I have clearance from my office that I can travel to Dakar to get musicians for the Fatu Show Anniversary. I travelled by land with Fatou Touray & Ali as a driver on August 15th. While I was in Dakar, I met Sulayman Jules Diop for the second time, after we met in Addis Ababa Ethiopia where we exchange numbers during the H.E the President’s trip there this year.  He called me at Vivian’s house and I was with Ali, it was after 1am Saturday night.  We went to Bara Mundi, having drinks and we chatting and had fun till around 5am from around 3am. I get back to the hotel at Residence Mamoune at the early hours of the morning yes we are both journalist and very professional and well trained too, that was I challenge and I love challengings.  Before I left for Dakar, I knew that I wanted to have fun too, having separated from my husband for 3 years and not being with any man, my body needed one at that time.  He was the easiest prey for me at that moment.  Fatou Touray never advice me against Sules Diop,  Infact she advice me to date him.  I spoke to Boubs TFM and Vivian about Sules Diop, it was them who told me that Sules Diop has a big mouth I later told Fatou Touray that, that was the reason, why I would not want a long term relationship with him.  If I was involved anything shady, I would not have spoken to F Touray, Boubs, Vivian, Kroumah and Sidath about Mr. Diop.  I made it open cause I just wanted fun for that night  only.  Fatou Touray took a taxi and went to meet her boyfriend discreetly, I could have don’t the same, but my intentions were clear.  I did not cancel the lunch proposal from him, it was because we three proposals, one from one of F. Touray’s Ablie Baldeh a politican and a Mayor of Cassamance.  Because  Mr. Diop did not call at lunch time, and F. Touray discreetly went to see her other boyfriend we could not make Mr. Diop’s lunch proposal.  I could remember the first thing I told Mr. Diop when we met  that night was that he has a big mouth which is why Macky appointed him, he laughed over it and I could remember telling him to zip up and that a friend F. Touray told me that he mocks Youssou Ndour all the time too. Mr Diop knows he cannot manipulate me and I know how important it is for me to protect my VIP, so we did not go political and I did not encourage any comments or statements about my country, cause his is not better than mine. I am a woman, I have feelings and I needed a man at that time, maybe yes I made wrong choice, but I could not see it at that time.  I could remember he asked why I was not looking into his eyes, meaning I don’t love him, but at that time I just  needed a man and I used him. So I know for a fact that I did not discussed or disclosed anything to him, cause I know the repercussions and Boubs told me that anything I said to him will be in the newspapers and on the radio, so I knew very well that part.  During interrogations at the NIA I was inform that Mr. Jules Diop is a critic of our President I made it clear that I have never listened to any critics from Mr. Diop about Mr. President and if I have heard, I would have never associate myself with him.

  1. During my trip to Dakar, the following people and numbers are the ones I call first trip:

    Jules Diop- 221-77 740 5540 
                         221 – 77 252 9292

         Vivian – 221 – 77 – 192 – 8780

        Boubs – 221 – 77- 611 – 1011
                        221 – 781 – 28- 2020

Second trip about showing Fatu Show on TFM Ndiaga Ndour – 221 – 77 504 – 4170

Famara TFM 221 – 70 8491415.

I travelled to Dakar on the night of August 15th and arrived on August 16th at 7am.  I travelled with Fatou Touray, who said she wants us to do a joint event and Ali Jammeh a States Guard driver.  Prior to take off I called Kumba Gawlo, Boubs, Jules Diop, Vivian & my production partners in Dakar, Sidath and Leuz, this can all be found on my call records and I have supplied all the numbers.

Source: http://observer.gm/fatou-camara-in-her-own-words/

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