Jammeh’s Infertility Program For Gambian Women Is Another Distraction


In an attempt to distract the country from the nation’s pressing economic and infrastructural woes, Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh has announced to resume his infertility treatment program, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The Jammeh treatment program targets women, who are unable to have babies. The deranged despot uses herbs and some spiritual water to treat his patients. He claimed that the treatment program is working fine. And apparently he is concentrating on the women’s infertility project at the determinant of the impoverished West African nation.

JK NEWSpeaking to the Freedom Newspaper on Monday, Dr. Tamsir Mbowe, the main man managing Jammeh’s infertility treatment program said women experiencing infertility issues are free to register with his office. He also said concerned husbands can join their wives in Kanilai during the week long treatment program. Mbowe tells this medium during an undercover sting operations interview that there is a motel in Kanilai, in which people can book rooms if they are interested in witnessing the treatment program.

According to Dr. Mbowe, who is a Russian trained Gynecologist, Mr. Jammeh himself is overseeing the treatment program. He added that the treatment program starts officially on Thursday and would last for a week.

The Gambia is currently faced with a major economic crisis. The country’s local currency, the dalasi, has lost its value in the market. But the country’s De Facto dictator Yahya Jammeh doesn’t seems to care about the current economic predicament that the nation is grabbling with. Jammeh is into all kind of phony propaganda ultimately calculated to distract his suffering citizens.

The purchasing power for the average Gambian is less than one United States dollars. Unemployment has also jumped the roof. Jammeh is apparently dogging from some of the economic pressing issues facing the country. 

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

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