Fatou Touray Drops Bombshell, As She Shed Light On The Fatu Camara NIA Cautionary Statement Controversy!


A former Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS) anchor Fatou Touray has expressed her total “outrage and dismay” about a private conversation she had with Fatu Camara, which later featured on the recently publicized cautionary statement Ms. Camara purportedly gave to the NIA, while she was under custody there, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Ms. Touray has not only taken offence of her privacy being bandit around online, she also maintains that some of the statements attributed to Fatu Camara in that cautionary statement, were issues she indeed discussed with the former Jammeh Press Secretary. Therefore, she cannot understand why Fatu Camara would allegedly reference her private conversation she had with her on her statement to the National Intelligence Agency. She opines that her former colleague and buddy went out of line by allegedly making statements that might cast aspersion on her integrity and reputation.

f camaraFatu Camara has rejected some of the statements attributed to her in the statement she made to the NIA.  She claimed that the cautionary statement was “doctored” and some of the statements attributed to her were not her words. She made the denial in a video, which was published by a Senegalese local media.  She was heard on the video apologizing to the Youssou Ndour family, DJ Boubs, Sulayman Jules Diop, Vivian Ndour, and all those mentioned in the cautionary statement. She said the recent character assassination directed at her person was the brainwork of her former boss Yahya Jammeh. She also said Jammeh was reacting to her recent revelations exposing his sexual exploitation of young Gambian girls. Two of the girls have fled the country and are currently in Senegal.

In a seventeen minute video, Fatu Camara tried to reassure her fans, friends, and colleagues in Senegal by telling them that The Gambia is being ruled by a dictatorship and that there is no turning back in her ongoing media activism to expose the dictatorship in Banjul. She said the phone numbers contained in her cautionary statement was taken from her cell phone while she was at the NIA. She also claimed that Jammeh is using the Daily Observer to settle scores with her.

After reassuring the Ndour family, Jules Diop, and co for not being part of the scheme to soil their reputation, Fatu took a jab at Jammeh by saying that her former boss is a gossip master. She recalled Jammeh telling her that wrestler Balla Gaye, is into idol worshipping that’s why the internationally famed wrestler often sweats.  She said Jammeh is good at bad mouthing the likes of Balla Gaye. 

fatou-touray-01This alleged unedited statement of Fatu Camara sparked Fatou Touray’s reaction: “I went to Dakar after I have clearance from my office that I can travel to Dakar to get musicians for the Fatu Show Anniversary. I travelled by land with Fatou Touray & Ali as a driver on August 15th. While I was in Dakar, I met Sulayman Jules Diop for the second time, after we met in Addis Ababa Ethiopia where we exchange numbers during the H.E the President’s trip there this year.  He called me at Vivian’s house and I was with Ali, it was after 1am Saturday night.  We went to Bara Mundi, having drinks and we chatting and had fun till around 5am from around 3am. I get back to the hotel at Residence Mamoune at the early hours of the morning yes we are both journalist and very professional and well trained too, that was I challenge and I love challengings.  Before I left for Dakar, I knew that I wanted to have fun too, having separated from my husband for 3 years and not being with any man, my body needed one at that time.  He was the easiest prey for me at that moment.  Fatou Touray never advice me against Sules Diop,  Infact she advice me to date him.  I spoke to Boubs TFM and Vivian about Sules Diop, it was them who told me that Sules Diop has a big mouth I later told Fatou Touray that, that was the reason, why I would not want a long term relationship with him.  If I was involved anything shady, I would not have spoken to F Touray, Boubs, Vivian, Kroumah and Sidath about Mr. Diop.  I made it open cause I just wanted fun for that night  only.  Fatou Touray took a taxi and went to meet her boyfriend discreetly, I could have don’t the same, but my intentions were clear.  I did not cancel the lunch proposal from him, it was because we three proposals, one from one of F. Touray’s Ablie Baldeh a politican and a Mayor of Cassamance.  Because  Mr. Diop did not call at lunch time, and F. Touray discreetly went to see her other boyfriend we could not make Mr. Diop’s lunch proposal.  I could remember the first thing I told Mr. Diop when we met  that night was that he has a big mouth which is why Macky appointed him, he laughed over it and I could remember telling him to zip up and that a friend F. Touray told me that he mocks Youssou Ndour all the time too. Mr Diop knows he cannot manipulate me and I know how important it is for me to protect my VIP, so we did not go political and I did not encourage any comments or statements about my country, cause his is not better than mine. I am a woman, I have feelings and I needed a man at that time, maybe yes I made wrong choice, but I could not see it at that time.  I could remember he asked why I was not looking into his eyes, meaning I don’t love him, but at that time I just  needed a man and I used him. So I know for a fact that I did not discussed or disclosed anything to him, cause I know the repercussions and Boubs told me that anything I said to him will be in the newspapers and on the radio, so I knew very well that part.  During interrogations at the NIA I was inform that Mr. Jules Diop is a critic of our President I made it clear that I have never listened to any critics from Mr. Diop about Mr. President and if I have heard, I would have never associate myself with him.”

BaldeSpeaking from her New York residence, Fatou Touray said: “I am not only appalled by Fatu Camara’s cautionary statement to the NIA, but devastated at the same time. I must say that some of the things she said on that statement were private conversations I had with her on our way back to The Gambia from Dakar. I introduced Fatu Camara to Abdoulaye Balde, while we were in Dakar. That’s true. I will be honest with you.  I have nothing to hide. Abdoulie is my friend. We have been friends for the past six years. I remember Fatu Camara telling me that Abdoulaye Balde is a fine gentleman. What has my friendship with Abdoulaye Balde got to do with her legal debacle with the state? She even said I went to meet my other boyfriend while in Dakar, in that statement. It is all lies. My friendship with Abdoulie Balde is none of her business. I just don’t get it. Why is she telling on me to the NIA,?” she queried.

“While we were on our way home to The Gambia from Dakar, Fatu Camara raised the issue of Jules Diop. She and Jules met. They are friends. I never met Jules during our trip. We spoke on the phone through Fatu Camara. Ali Jammeh was in the car with us, when Fatu Camara talked about Jules Diof. Ali Jammeh works at the State Guard. I did told Fatu Camara that Zil Diop was as popular as Pa Nderry M’Bai of The Gambia. That Jules was Abdoulie Wade’s main headache. I told her that I used to listen to Jules’s Tuesday shows with Seneweb. I also told her that Jules Diop used to mock Youssou Ndour and his family. I did said this to Fatu Camara while we were in the car. My conversation with her featured prominently in that cautionary statement she gave to the NIA,” she added.

fatou 3Regarding claims that she met her other boyfriend, while in Dakar, Fatou Touray told the Freedom Newspaper that there was no iota of truth in that statement. She recalled attending Assan Njie’s show with Ali Jammeh, while Fatou Camara met with Jules Diop. She also said Fatu Camara visited musician Vivian Ndure while they were in Dakar.

“I am reacting because my name was mentioned in Fatu Camara’s cautionary statement. All I can tell you is that Fatu Camara really let me down. I expect her to know better. Why bringing my name into this? I just don’t get it,” she lamented.

Both Fatu Camara and Fatou Touray were invited at the NIA upon their return from their Dakar trip. Fatou Touray said it not her style to tell onto people. She expects her privacy to be respected. She said she was in Dakar to conduct a legitimate business errand and nothing else.

Fatou Touray also used her Freedom Newspaper interview to debunk Fatou Camara’s recent statement on her radio that she received information that Ms. Touray was working towards returning home. She observed that such statements are false and completely unfounded.

“I texted Fatu Camara as soon as she mentioned my name on air. I told her that she could have reach out to me to verify the veracity of the story before going public with it. She texted me back and said she was merely reporting information she received from her sources. She got my number. I am not a stranger to her, but she went ahead to announce something that she never confirm with the person she was talking about on air.  Assuming that I decided to go home, it is none of her business anyway. Because of her problem with the state, I was called to the NIA. Now she is saying that I am planning to go home. My going to The Gambia is none of her business. If I choose to go to The Gambia, I will go. It is false and bogus for anyone to use the microphone to spread false information about people,” she noted.

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