Fatou Touray takes issues with Fatou Camara


Fatou Camara’s latest statement that I have been contacted by Prominent Gambian Authorities to go back home to help silence her, is the latest of a long string of lies and fabrications she has embarked against me, for reasons best known her, Fatou Touray, a former GRTS anchor said in a Facebook posting few minutes ago. I have no interest in anything relating to her or conniving with anybody to silence Fatu, she added.

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“Most importantly, no one has ever contacted me regarding my return to Banjul or any issue relating to Fatu. I feel that due to the personal relationship I have with Fatou, if she was genuine and has such information from her so called sources, she could have easily verified with me rather than going on air or Facebook about it. I refrain from addressing the other issues as they can be seen for what they are,” She posited.

Fatou Touray’s interview with the Freedom Newspaper will be published later today. Stay tuned.

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