Jammeh Ordered GRA Management To Account For Missing Five Hundred Million Dalasi Or Be Ready To Go To Mile Two Prison!


Anxiety and worry continue to grip the management at The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), following an Executive Directive from the financially challenged Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, who ordered the top guns at the GRA to account for an alleged missing five hundred million dalasi (D500 Million), which is equivalent to eleven million United States dollars, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  A team of auditors have been examining the financial books of the GRA for the past week—with the hope of uncovering the details surrounding the alleged embezzled funds.


The deranged Kanilai dictator is alleging that the five hundred million dalasi was allegedly embezzled within the GRA.  He wants the auditors to furnish him with a report within three weeks before he would instruct the NIA to raid the place. Jammeh is determined to arrest and prosecute the GRA management just he has done in the case of Jawara’s son Ebrima Jawara, including the Agriculture Ministry staffers. He nailed Ebrima and his co accused persons on fuel related abuse charges.

Now Jammeh has shifted his electric broom to the GRA, where the Tax Administration’s Financial Director Alhagie Saikou Denton, his boss Yankuba Darboe, and one Ensa Jallow are currently panicking. Almost everyone at the GRA is panic stricken. Some heads are going to roll in coming weeks, our source warned. 

The GRA has been Mr. Jammeh’s financial pawn. The institution in recent months couldn’t cater for Jammeh’s growing demand for money. This is largely attributed to GRA’s significant reduction of Income Tax collection. Businesses are closing and the purchasing power for the average Gambian is pretty low. Inflation is also killing the private sector led economy.

The knucklehead Kanilai liability Head of  State, couldn’t comprehend that in the absence of a buoyant and vibrant economy, including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the GRA’s potentials to increase its tax collection revenue base would be next to nil. Jammeh is now resorting to harassing the GRA officials for the current economic predicament that the nation has been faced with.

According to State House insiders, Jammeh is planning to effect a major arrest at the GRA. The insiders noted that some of the collected tax funds that are meant for state budgetary expenses often lands into Jammeh’s pockets. The insider added that the embezzlement allegations that Jammeh is trying to file against the GRA management never comes as a surprise to him.

“Jammeh was aware of some of the activities taking place at the GRA, but he decided to ignore them because Denton, Darboe, Jallow and co have been at his services. In as much as he is desperate to get money, Jammeh should also partly take responsibility for the current mess. Jammeh has never been compliant when it comes to taxes. He should be the last person in this country to talk about taxes. He is responsible for the nation’s economic crisis because Jammeh has overtime become a burden to the nation’s tax administration.  Yankuba Darboe, and Alhagie Saikou Denton should run if they can. Jammeh is planning to jail them,” our source intimated.

GRA’s management have confirmed receiving a memo from the State House instructing them to account for the missing five hundred million dalasi within three weeks or risked facing the full brunt of the law. Management said the outcome of the audit exercise would no doubt determine their fate. They are all on standby. They can receive their pink slips any day, our source said. 

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

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