Jimbee Jammeh Is On The Verge Of Recruiting Her Sister Awa Jammeh To Join Jammeh’s Protocol For Sex Job!


Following the massive firing of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s female protocol team for sex, his chief Jimbee Jammeh and her sister Ndey Jammeh are working securing employment opportunities for their younger sister Amie Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Awa Jammeh will soon officially join Jammeh’s protocol team for sex. She shuttles between Banjul and Kanilai during Oga Jammeh’s unannounced trips. She is also part of Jammeh’s sex entertainment team, even though she is yet to be officially accredited as a protocol officer for sex.

jimbay news“Hi my boss. This is the soldier again… As Jimbee Jammeh and Ndey Jammeh caused the massive dismissal of the innocent protocol officers, the duo are saying that they will make sure that their sister Awa Jammeh, who always travels with us to Kanilai, is appointed as protocol officer. Trust me.. they are behind all the pressure Oga is facing,” said a State Guard soldier.

Jimbee Jammeh is widely feared within the State House. She runs dictator Jammeh’s whore house in both Kanilai and the State House Banjul. She drives around the country pimping young girls for dictator Jammeh. She has overtime recruited so many girls to work at the State House as protocol officers. The majority of the girls she recruited ended up becoming sexual entertainment objects for the deranged Kanilai monster,

Jimbee Jammeh is originally from Bakau. Her parents used to feed Yahya Jammeh back in the days, when he was a poor Gendarmerie officer at Depot. She is not a stranger to Jammeh. Jimbee and her sister Ndey Jammeh, AKA Ndey Ndack, are being used by Jammeh to target young girls for sex. The two Jammeh sisters should bear in mind that a day would come they will be held accountable for their actions.

Awa Jammeh editedDue to Jimbee Jammeh, close to six State House Protocol girls ( Jammeh Protocol girls for sex) have been dismissed. Almost every sane minded worker at the State House, is not happy about the undesirable activities of the two Jammeh sisters.

“I am here in the State House, but I can tell you that Jimbee Jammeh has no qualifications to earn her a job as a Protocol officer. Her only job is to bring girls for Oga for sex. She cannot even speak correct English. Any pain or stress Oga gets at this hour is because of Jimbee Jammeh and Ndey Ndack. The are responsible for the negative media attention Oga is facing at this time, They are from the same mom and dad. Close to  6 protocol officers have been dismissed so far because of the two arrogant ladies,” said our source.

Meanwhile, the two female protocol officers, who were under the supervision of Jimbee Jammeh have absconded to neighboring Senegal. They have been narrating their ordeals to a US based online radio. Jimbee Jammeh is partly responsible for their departure from the country, our source said.

None of the girls working under Jimbee Jammeh, including Jimbee herself have received any formal Protocol training. The job title “Protocol” is a mere decoy aimed at covering up the ongoing sexual exploitation of the unsuspecting vulnerable girls.

By A Correspondent

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