New Details Emerged In The Ongoing Media War Between Yahya Jammeh And Fatu Camara!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, the recent revelation about dictator Jammeh’s sex life has made monster Jammeh more paranoid, confused, impulsive and shouting and insulting everyone at statehouse. Devil Zeinab is also furious and angry about the entire problem. Devil Zeinab will not even talk to monster Jammeh and the relationship is very sour and she is not happy. This is one of the reasons why dictator Jammeh himself orchestrated and led the strategy to attack Fatou Camara. According to reliable DCC members monster Jammeh himself called and directed Saul Badjie that Fatou Camara should be attack on the Daily Observer. Monster Jammeh has been keeping a copy of Fatou Camara’s NIA statement and he gave it to Saul Badjie and instructed that Yankuba Badjie to deliver the copy to Daily Observer. Monster Jammeh is given copies of all NIA Statements of high profile NIA detainees. Dictator Jammeh reads every statement and sometimes will request for the detainee to be recorded on video so that he can see how the detainee is suffering. He loves seeing people suffer, that is his human nature. Once Saul Badjie gave the copy of Fatou Camara’s NIA statement to Yankuba Badjie, Yankuba “PERSONALLY” delivered the statement to Daily Observer. Yankuba Badjie do you want to deny this, DCC agents are monitoring your every move. Monster Jammeh issued directives that he is going to ATTACK all the ONLINE media, it is an all out media war. Monster Jammeh is preparing to attack the people in the diaspora. The people in the diaspora should ignore him, monster Jammeh is trying to distract Gambians from the real problems.

YAYA JAMMEH NEWFellow Gambians, a lot of DCC members love to watch football world cup qualifying rounds and we cannot watch a single game because there is constant electric shortage. When Yankuba Badjie delivered the NIA statement, the rogue Daily Observer did not waste anytime publishing it. The Daily Observer are part of the cartel, they have no ethics and they will do anything to please monster Jammeh. Fellow Gambians we will give you a credible example of how Daily Observer are part of these criminals. Two days ago Daily Observer published a story about devil Zeinab birthday. They even had a picture of the cake with the speaker of the house and ministers cutting the cake but there was no devil Zeinab or monster Jammeh on the photo. But in their story they said that devil Zeinab is at the state house and she celebrated the event. Gambians, it is all a BIG LIE, why are these greedy ministers cutting the cake and not monster Jammeh. DCC knows why, because we are monitoring everything. In fact during the cutting of the cake devil Zeinab was in America. Since the revelation of the protocol girls story she in angry and she said that she is finished with dictator Jammeh. She is refusing to come back, unless she fly back this night. We can even share personal things about devil Zeinab. Devil Zeinab is injured on her leg and is using walking stick, she fell in the house in America. Dictator Jammeh complained that she is not seriously injured and she is trying to trick him to make money. To dictator’s Jammeh credit, that can be true, devil Jammeh may be faking to make money. But DCC can confirm to you that devil Jammeh is currently using walking sticks to walk. So Daily Observer is LYING, LYING and LYING. Devil Zeinab will never leave monster Jammeh, she is greedy and loves money and shopping.

soldierSo Devil Zeinab is using the story of the protocol girls to make money rather than fixing the problem. Devil Zeinab knows that monster Jammeh has been sleeping with young girls for a long time, this is no news to her. She has been aware of it and she is pretending and will milk a lot of money from monster Jammeh. In the wake of the sex scandal monster Jammeh is wasting no time dismissing and terminating protocol girls, even innocent girls are dismissed. The latest so call protocol victims are Haddy Nying Jammeh and Aji Najib (sibling of Ansumana Qatar wife). Monster Jammeh sleeps with anything that moves. Of late he is targeting young girls raised by his mother Asombi Bojang. Monster Jammeh has also revived the so call presidential treatment program to target women again. The treatment program allows him to finger women and ultimately lure them into the statehouse. We are working on a different story where we will expose another “ANSUMANA” who heads this program.

My boss monster Jammeh has another new informant by the name of Musa Bojang, he is a student in America. He was in the Gambia for summer holidays and DCC has been warning him and following him. DCC knows everything he has been instructed to do in America and how to gather information and report people. Pa Nderry please bear with us, we are working on him and we have his picture when he visited Gambia this past summer holiday. He spent time with DCC agents at the state house. No Jammeh agent will be left unexposed!!!

On a last note, DCC is seeing a lot of strange faces at state house. We are seeing a lot of people from Guinea Bissau that is why you are seeing convoys from Guinea Bissau. Monster Jammeh is seeking protection from Guinea Bissau and very soon they will start to provide him security around the clock. Dictator Jammeh will use this people to arrest SAUL BADJIE, in fact this plan has been discussed and will be executed SOON, Saul Badjie be on the ALERT.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written by the Soldier

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