Veteran Gambian Musician Musa Ngum Dies!


The death of Veteran Gambian artist Musa Ngum has been announced, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Ngum met his tragic death on Saturday in Senegal, during a visit there to perform at a Night Club called “Just For You.” He was billed to perform at the club together with his son Yusupha Ngum, Omar Pene and others. But unfortunately Musa’s health deteriorated as the night went by. He was rushed to Hospital “ Le Dantec” but he couldn’t make it. The renowned singer was later pronounced death.

musa ngum 3Hours before his demise, Mr. Ngum was at TFM television, where he refuted rumors about his death. The rumor happened in The Gambia few weeks ago, prompting Mr. Ngum to appear on GRTS to debunk it. He said the rumor was being peddled by agents of misinformation.

During his interview with TFM, Mr. Ngum said he was alive and kicking, although he struggled to answer to his interviewee’s questions. Mr. Ngum also talked about him living in The Gambia in the recent past. He told the TFM anchor that he was in Dakar to participate in a joint entertainment show.

Regarding the unmatched shoes he wore, Ngum said he wouldn’t desist from wearing unmatched shoes until and unless there is one Senegambia led by one President. His dream, he went on, was to see The Gambia and Senegal united under one President.

musa ngum 4The TFM anchor told Mr. Ngum that the leaders in question Macky and Jammeh might be listening to show, while expressing hope that Mr. Ngum’s call for one Senegambia is realized in the foreseeable future.

The late Musa Ngum was born in Fototo, and raised in Banjul. He started his musical career many decades ago. He became a household name in the region, following his resettlement in Senegal, where he teamed up with prominent artists such as Omar Pene and others. He has recorded so many albums over the years.

The late Musa Ngum left a family behind. He was blessed with kids. He is expected to be laid to rest in Touba Mbakeh. May his soul rest in perfect peace. May God reserve place for him in heaven.

Written by Pa Nderry M;Bai

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