EX Army Officer Wassa Camara, Pharing Sanyang, Ndour Cham’s Marabout And Others Arrived In Senegal!


Two former convicted Army officers, who were recently “pardoned” by dictator Yahya Jammeh have safely made it to Dakar, Senegal, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Officer Wassa Camara and his comrade Pharing Sanyang are out of the dictator’s reaches. Wassa Camara is ill though. He is not healthy at all.

ousman_sonkoAccording to sources in Dakar, both Camara and Sanyang are working on securing political asylum in Senegal. They fear being persecuted by dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rogue security agents if they continue to stay in the country. The former officers have met with Human Rights bodies in Senegal. They recounted the trials and tribulations they suffered while under state custody.

“Hi Pa, for your information, Ex Captain Wassa Camara, Ex Lieutenant Pharing Sanyang and a third military officer ( I forgot his name, plus Ndour Cham’s marabout are here in Dakar processing their refugee papers. I met them. Wassa Camara is sick. He could hardly climb upstairs,” said our source.

Pharing Sanyang attempted to leave the country and was intercepted in the process. He was held by the NIA for some days before he was released. He was warned to seek clearance next time before leaving the country.

It would be recalled that Omar Bun Mbye too was stopped at the Farafenni police station, when he tried to cross the border. Mbye personally turned himself to the police during a checkpoint inspection. He told the police that he was travelling to Senegal to seek for medical treatment. Mby too was held by the NIA for three days and later released.

The so called “pardoned” prisoners have been placed under surveillance by the dictator’s ruthless National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA). But that’s not stopping them from leaving the country. The NIA lacks the resources and logistics to monitor the freed prisoners, said a source close to the State House in Banjul. More people will leave the country, he added.

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