Jammeh Fires 30 State Guard Soldiers For Refusing To Eat His Spiritual Sacrifice Food; Jammeh Refuses To Undergo Overseas Treatment!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, if we don’t rise up and take monster Jammeh to Tanka Tanka or MILE-2, he will one day just start walking without any clothes. Dictator Jammeh is confused and is here shouting, and is in constant argument with almost everyone. Dictator Jammeh has been quarantined by devil Zeinab, who do not even want to touch him. Devil Zeinab believes that monster Jammeh has contracted some type of sexual disease and she do not want to be contaminated. As far as real marriage is concerned, this couple are not married. They are together due to money, fame, power and cruelness. As we speak at this minute, devil Zeinab is in her room and the door is locked and she rarely comes out. For dictator Jammeh something is terribly wrong, his entire skin is now pale and white and his head is getting smaller. He has been advised to seek overseas treatment but he will not dare travel out of the country. Monster Jammeh is angry every minute and he rarely sleeps.


Yesterday, monster Jammeh fired over 30 soldiers from the state house and transferred others to Farafeni. The dismissed and transferred soldiers are jubilating because they are now far from this mad man. Two top orderlies by the name of Alieu Conteh and Lt . Yankuba Sanyang have been removed from the state house. Alieu Conteh is dismissed and Sanyang transferred to the Farafeni barracks. The dismissed and transferred soldiers did not do anything wrong. Guess why monster Jammeh fired them, it is because he took out charity and the soldiers refuse to eat it the charity. He also distributed rice and meat and the soldiers refuse to take it. State house soldiers are now fully aware of how he treats their food with spiritual charm liquid he gets from his spiritual doctors. When he realized that soldiers are refusing his charity, he instructed co-president Saul Badjie to dismiss and transfer some of the soldiers. But here is the good news, the affected soldiers are all happy to be away from state house, they are all celebrating and thankful. They can now spend time with their families, they have not seen their families for months. Dictator Jammeh kidnaps and never allows soldiers to go home to their families. He will one day be charged for kidnapping people. As a soldier it is better for one to be dismissed from state house than working there. Everyone MUST stay all the time at state house, and don’t get rest and sleep. State house is not a safe place to be now, we the DCC know that, lot of disgruntle soldiers, and there is total invincible chaos. All the good people are leaving the state house, good people cannot survive at state house, but the end is very clear, dictator Jammeh will eventually have only BAD people at the state house and that is when they will TURN against him, just watch and see.

Fellow Gambians, on a last note, if you have a family member who was paroled by monster Jammeh, please DCC is warning they leave the country. Dictator Jammeh regrets releasing the prisoners and do not want them to talk to the international community. Monster Jammeh has discussed this with co-president Saul Badjie, this is not a joke. Tell them to leave and seek for medical advice. Dictator Jammeh knows his days are over and is constantly trying to bury the infinite evidence against him. DCC alone has more than 1000 evidence, we will disclose them at the proper time.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and 2014 Martyrs. 

Written by the Soldier

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