Sierra Leone Peoples Party New England Elects Executive!


The Sierra Leone Peoples Party of New England (SLPP) in a bid to consolidate for their country’s 2017 presidential and general elections has come together to choose their leaders for a better Sierra Leone recently in Boston Massachusetts USA.

A large number of Sierra Leoneans belonging to the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party elected their leaders to dissolve their interim leadership at a well-attended meeting at the residence of their interim leader Alice Akpaji Kallon’s residence in Boston.

In a contrast to the main party’s leadership tussle, the New England’s leadership was contested by Prince Kallon and Albert Senessie, early members of the SLPPNE chapter. The Chapter had long lived without an elected executive, but was taken care of by an interim executive. However, the other positions vied for were less contested for thus the positions apart from the chairman, went unopposed to the substantive bidders.

Before the main election for the chairmanship of the Chapter, all doubts were cleared. Questions pertaining to the voter list were validated. Nabieu Sandi said, “If our main party could take a look at our example then there would be no problem at our convention and our subsequent elections to come.”

In his declaration speech, Albert Senessie, said as a party peace was necessary because democracy is for people’s right, and right goes with peace. He said he had seen people on their WhatsApp forum trying to be personal, but his advice has been to work towards peace in our party and peace within. To Prince Kallon, his fellow contestant, “I have known you since I arrived in Boston. I respect you and you respect me and we’ve been friends.” Albert gave the history of the SLPPNE chapter, and said Mr. Fofana was the first chairman of the party chapter. Albert Senessie reiterated his being a people’s person. He further said that he had a very high organizational skills that has earned him admiration. He said those who know him at Saint Paul’s he made things move positively. Within two years as a treasurer, they raised about $42,000. “I have returned to strengthen our chapter. And as a result, I promise to bring our membership to 200, as evident today,” Senessie. He promised to put the by law and constitution struggle to past when elected.

In his opening speech, Prince Kallon said he’s been SLPP for the longest time. He said he has been with SLPPNE and never vied for any position other than secretary. He narrated the long history of the New England Chapter bringing to mind his sacrifices and services to the party Branch. He said the Late President Tejan Kabba was the pivot for creation of the SLPP Federation in USA. Kallon pointed out that he is coming to peace and was in it for development. “This is the only Chapter with unopposed. I want this to stop there should be some challenge. You vote me in, you will see but not only by hear say but practical,” he said. I have the party and our Chapter at heart, vote for me.

Jenkins Bawo, the electoral commissioner advised strongly that they take their chapter seriously. He said there will be no looser or winner but everybody will be a winner as long as you an SLPP member. “Let us unite and fight the common enemy,” he said. Prince Kallon had 14 votes and Albert Senessie scored 23.

The executive Alice Akpagi Kallon, the outgoing chairlady said,

  1. Albert Senessie = Chairman
  2. Alice Akpagi Kallon = Vice chair
  3. Augustine Kanjia Secretary General
  4. Ansumana Koroma = Treasurer
  5. Kemoh Sidibay = PRO
  6. Advisory Committee of Elders:
  7. a) Alusine Deen
  8. b) Umaru Baryoh
  9. c) Brima Kaikai

The meeting was well attended. Dr. Salia Gbao, one time ambassadopr to Liberia holding many positions in the Kabba government, gave tangible advice and warned that SLPP should be very mindful of the APC’s 99 tactics to remain in power. SLPP, he said should be going an extra mile in putting modalities together for their success.

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