A Member Of Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s Assassin Team Dies!


A prominent member of Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team Lance Corporal Sang Mendy has died, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. Mr. Mendy died few weeks ago. He was suffering from stomach pain, and eventually succumbed to his death. The late Mr. Sang Mendy was an active member of the jungullars, an assassin group constituted by dictator Yahya Jammeh. The group is engaged in perpetrating domestic terrorism by firebombing media houses, killing journalists and politicians. The group also abduct and torture opponents of the Jammeh regime.

jugullars 2Sang Mendy hailed from Tumani Tenda in Kombo East. Tumani Tenda is a village not far from Kafuta. He was jailed together with EX WO2 Bai Lowe, Staff Sergeant Abdoulie Jallow, AKA Jalino, and Anthony Mendy. Upon their release from prison custody, Sang Mendy was reinstated back into the army. He resumed working with the jungullars.

Mr. Mendy’s health conditions started deteriorating few weeks ago, when he complained about stomach pain. Mendy was said to have been poisoned. It is not clear if his demise has to do with the dictator’s ongoing efforts to liquidate members of his constituted assassin team, who are privy to his genocidal activities within and outside the frontiers of The Gambia.

Meanwhile, another leading member of Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team Malick Jatta is on his sickbed. Mr. Jatta is suffering from stomach pain. Mr. Jatta too is believed to have been poisoned.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592In another development, dictator Yahya Jammeh is plotting to eliminate his close confidant General Saul Badjie. Mr. Badjie has been on Jammeh’s radar for elimination for some time now.

The previous team that was assigned to eliminate Badjie could not deliver the goods. General Alhagie Martin, Borra Colley, Suwandi Camara, Bakary Camara and co were tasked to execute the mission, but couldn’t execute it as ordered. Jammeh retaliated by dismissing Martin and Camara. Both Borra Colley and Suwandi Camara have had their duties curtailed.

savageThe new Kanilai Camp Commander General Musa Savage has been tasked to execute the mission to liquidate General Saul Badjie. Mr. Savage is working with Jammeh, Umpa Mendy and co to ensure that General Badjie is out of the equation.

Since the thwarting of the December 30, 2014 coup, General Savage has been in Jammeh’s good books. He was credited for having foiled the coup. Mr. Savage met with one of the mutineers Mr. Bai Lowe during a military course in Germany. He was said to have been briefed about the ongoing plot to topple the Jammeh’s regime. His course was sponsored by the United States Embassy in Banjul. Savage was the Camp Commander at Farafenni military post prior to his transfer to the State House to head the newly formed anti-terrorism unit.

Upon his return to The Gambia, Mr. Savage maintained the line of communication he used to have with some of the mutineers while he still heads the Farafenni military camp. Along the line, Savage changed heart and snitched on the mutineers by turning them to the status quo in Banjul. He was immediately transferred to the State House and entrusted to head a newly anti terrorism post created by Jammeh.

Both Mr. Savage and General Saul Badjie were on the ground at the State House, when the mutineers stormed the palace. Savage in particular ordered his men on duty to suppress the coup, which resulted in the killing of three of the mutineers. One Baboucarr Bojang, a onetime mentally institutionalized Banjulian was killed by Jammeh’s guards during the attack.

For Musa Sarr, a self-confessed former member of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team, he was met by the leader of the mutineers, who briefed him about the then impending operation to topple the regime. Sarr wasted no time by joining the operation. He was given $500 US dollars on the spot, which he used to feed his wife and family while he ventured into the mission to overthrow the Jammeh government.

Mr. Musa Sarr recently contacted the Freedom Newspaper saying that he wanted to relate his story to the world, but he later changed his mind at the eleventh hour. Sarr was engulfed into the heated gunfire when the State House was attacked. He escaped unhurt.

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