Breaking News: Oldest State House Cleaner Arrested, Following The Infiltration Of Jammeh’s Bedroom!


One of the oldest cleaners at the State House in Banjul has been arrested, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Yafai Manga, is currently under the custody of the National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA). The circumstances surrounding his arrest is unknown. Dictator Yahya Jammeh personally ordered for his arrest.

The arrest of Yafai Manga, followed a recent Freedom Newspaper revelations exposing dictator Jammeh’s bedroom. In the Freedom report, it was unveiled that Jammeh normally lured unsuspecting Gambian girls into the room at Marina to have sex with them. The Freedom publication has caused confusion within the State House.

According to sources, Mr. Manga has access to the room in question. The dictator is seemingly confused and he doesn’t know the main source of the picture featuring his bedroom.

NIA sources said Mr. Manga is being held under custody, pending orders from Jammeh to secure his release. There is no immediate word as to when poor Mr. Manga would be released, our source said.

A highly placed source stationed at the State House in Banjul recently accessed one of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s whore rooms. The room has been bugged. There is a recording device planted into the room monitoring Jammeh’s activities. Jammeh has been busted big time. There is an overwhelming information gathered on this low life dictator.

JK'S ROOM 2For the knucklehead Yahya Jammeh, the Presidency is all about sex, drugs, making money, and terrorizing the unarmed population. He has his own weaknesses though. Jammeh’s number one weakness is women. He spent a greater chunk of his time making love with women. Jammeh is a sex maniac.

Thanks to one of the chicks Jammeh is dating, our source was able to infiltrate his bedroom. As evident on this picture, Jammeh lures his girls into this particular room situated at the State House housing facility called “Marina.” So many young girls got defiled in this room.

The dictator worships idols. He believes that in order for him to continue to rule The Gambia, he must fulfill certain rituals. Having sex with a virgin is part of the ritual sacrifice. Jammeh is never short of women to service his growing sexual appetite.

YAHYA JAMMEH (3)Ms. Jimbee Jammeh is Jammeh’s chief pimp in town. This is the lady, who travels around the country to find women for Jammeh. Many girls have fallen into Jammeh’s sexual nets—thanks to Jimbee Jammeh. Jimbee has been good at luring girls into the State House and Kanilai for sexual activities.

There will come a day, when Gambian women would relate their stories to the world. Jammeh has used the Presidency to make love by any means necessary. Female bodyguards, Female Protocol officers, high ranking female Civil Servants including female Ministers have been violated by the despot. Very few people are brave enough to turndown his sexual advances.

jimbay newsDuring a prompt visit to Jammeh’s bedroom, our source reported that the bed sheet was messy. Women hair could also be found on the bed. The dictator’s spiritual concoction water which he robs on the bodies of the women he slept with was also found in the room.

Despite the tight security restrictions put in place to prevent his chicks and bodyguards from photographing the room, our source was able to beat the security. She was able to photograph Jammeh himself.

Another Jammeh chick, said she bought a spy camera sunglasses during a trip, she made to Europe, to purposely record the dictator during their late night sex. The lady told one of our sources that Jammeh has built a luxurious house for her. Jammeh also opens a business for her.

The Freedom Newspaper also uses marabouts on the ground to infiltrate Yahya Jammeh’s girls in town. Some of these girls are obsessed with marrying Jammeh; owning big houses, driving fancy cars, and opening businesses. Some of Jammeh’s chicks have narrated their sexual encounters with Jammeh to our sources.

As Jammeh relies on marabouts, idols, and dreams to run The Gambia, we also try to befriend some of the marabouts running the streets for Jammeh. Jammeh is a funny character. We are beating him at his own game! Jammeh has been exposed!

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