Breaking News: Girl Raised By Yahya Jammeh’s Mom Asombi Bojang Started Seeing Jammeh When She Was 15!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s growing sexual appetite is becoming a concern to his own family, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jammeh is not even sparing the kids his own mom Asombi Bojang has raised. Jammeh needs to see a doctor for some kind of counselling. He is suffering from sex related addiction.

Badjie7Amie Badjie, who goes with the social media name Badjie Queen, has been kicking it with Jammeh, when she was at the age of fifteen, according to sources close to Asombi’s home in Kotu. The girl was brought to Asombi’s home to be raised by Jammeh’s mom. But she couldn’t escape the deranged dictator’s senseless appetite for sex. She is among the dictator’s Protocol for sex girls.

A source familiar with Asombi’s home and security detail said it is no secret that Jammeh is fraternizing with Amie Badjie. The source said Jammeh’s own mom is not happy with her son’s erratic behavior. These are kids that Jammeh can father, but he is behaving irresponsibly and foolishly towards them, our source added.

“Amie Badjie had sex, when she was fifteen. She used to see Jammeh, when she was pretty young. Jammeh is obsessed with young girls,” said our source.

Dictator Yahya Jammeh worships idols. He surrounds himself with virgin girls. He foolishly believe that by fraternizing with virgins, the longevity of his rule would be guaranteed. Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s legacy would continue to torment Gambian girls. Jammeh is on the wrong side of history. 

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