Jammeh Uses Edrissa Jobe As A Front To Nationalize Oil Companies In The Gambia!


I heard you talking about Elton on the radio, but this is the true picture. First, Elton is not bankrupt. H.E. Yahya Jammeh wants to control the fuel industry and as a result he has already bought TOTAL and now buying ELTON. This wil mean owning Total, Elton and GNPC.

edi4Now to achieve this; a front has been created, a company called ATLAS and they have already bought TOTAL and Edi Jobe is now the Managing Director of TOTAL/ATLAS. The President threatened TOTAL to sell to ATLAS or Government would nationalize it.

ATLAS is owned by the President, but he is using Edi, who is the head and other shareholders of ATLAS are Muhammed Jah, Saloum Jobarteh, (formerly a Standard bank staff). Saloum was in the US in Texas in the 80s and he was involved in a …. and was wanted by the Feds and he fled to Maryland and later smuggled out of the USA. You can investigate it… And also Pa Ebou Sallah, of Trust Bank, is going to be the next MD of Trust Bank, next year, when Pa Njie retires.

Trust bank and First International Bank had their arms twisted and forced to FINANCE THE purchase both TOTAL and ELTON. Edi Jobe is also the Board Chairman of First International bank.

76% OF ELTON Gambia is owned by Elton Senegal and the 34% is owned by Edi Jobe and Mr. Samba. Now Edi and his group have made an offer to buy that shares owned by the Senegalese.

But in reality, Jammeh owns the majority share. Edi Jobe will now merge Eltonn and Total under one umbrella called ATLAS OIL GAMBIA LIMITED..

By An Insider Banjul

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