Breaking News: Desperate And Panic Stricken Yahya Jammeh Is Resorting To Politics Of Rice And Oil To Buy Voter Support In Kafuta; As Jammeh Tries To Disrupt UDP Rally!


Alarmed by the high turnout of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP’S) recent political rally in the provincial village of Kafuta, dictator Yahya Jammeh shamelessly tried to disrupt the opposition meeting by ordering his guards to load a truck filled with rice and oil, which he later distributed to the Bojang family of Kafuta, amid societal rejection facing his dying leadership, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh was travelling to his home village Kanilai, when he noticed that the overwhelming majority of the Kafuta residents have rallied their support for the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe. The UDP yellow logo (symbol) was displayed in almost every household in the village. This coincides with Jammeh’s motorcade passing by.

Ousainou_DarboeThe UDP leadership was having a meeting at a home just opposite the home of the former Alkalo Yafai Bojang. The meeting attracted the presence of the entire villagers, until Jammeh’s rogue security agents showed up and started distributing rice and oil to an insignificant number of villagers he (Jammeh) is hell bent on inducing politically.

It was gathered that forty nine bags of rice and forty nine gallon of oil was distributed among the villagers. This was confirmed by Lamin Bojang, AKA LB, the first son of the former Alkalo of the village. Mr. Bojang made the confirmation during an interview with this medium.

“Yes, it is true that the President donated 49 bags of rice and 49 gallon of oil to our family home in Kafuta. He was passing through and found that our home was carrying the APRC flag. On the day in question, the UDP yellow flag was displayed in many homes in the village. My family back home refused to have the UDP flag on our property. We are APRC supporters. We support President Yahya Jammeh and his ruling APRC party,” said Lamin Bojang, who lives in Brikama.

According to Mr. Bojang, Jammeh’s convoy was passing when the UDP was having a meeting at the village. He thanked Mr. Jammeh for the food donation he extended to the village.

“The rice and sugar Jammeh made was shared. I am a beneficiary of the Jammeh’s gift. The Alkalo, the Imam and some other villagers benefited from the gift. I even wrote a letter to the President thanking him for the magnanimous gesture. I am not sure if the letter would reach him,” he said.

Mr. Bojang said his late Dad advised them to support the government in power. He said nothing would change their support for the dictator.

On the issue of him being hounded by the Gambia Revenue Authority for the alleged tax arrears he owed to GRA, Mr. Bojang confirmed the story. Bojang is operating shops opposite the Brikama Gamtel. He said he was billed by GRA to pay D94,000 dalasi,  due to budgetary problems, he is unable to settle his tax arrears.  

In another development, Yahya Jammeh has started buying voters cards from poverty stricken Gambians. The dictator has so far secured close to one hundred thousand voters cards from hungry voters. He is giving them money and food to collect their voters cards, our source said. Jammeh is determined to rig the elections, our source added.

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