Breaking News: New Revelations Emerged About The Arrest Of Yafai Manga; Two Protocol Girls Who Flee To Senegal Had Jammeh’s DNA; Imam Sawaneh Is At The NIA!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My boss, please allow DCC to contribute towards the arrest and detention of one of the longest state house serving cleaner Yafai Manga. Your sources are very good and DCC can confirm that Yafai is at NIA headquarters. He is falsely accused of stealing monster Jammeh belongings, these are presents people give to him during the tour. And sometimes during the tour he will give soldiers money to go buy items such as prayer mat, bulbs, fuel, etc. . . . This monster is so controlling that he is involved on every expense at the state house. So he must approve any expense even if it cost one dalasi that we can confirm to you. He will even ask for change from a dalasi. So dictator Jammeh is accusing Yafai of stealing certain items during the last presidential tour. It is all a lie because DCC knows Yafai very well. He is a pious man, all he does come to work, pray and go home. He has been working at the state house since 1994 and DCC knows everybody, and he is one of the few good people at the state house. If you recall in our last publication, DCC reported that no “GOOD” person will survive at the state house. One by one they will be axed by Saul Badjie and team, this is a plan in making to eradicate all the good people at state house and replace them with bad people. Once the few remaining good people are out, then the bad people will take over, MARK THE SOLDIER’S WORDS, this will happen. But to your sources credit, Yafai’s arrest has nothing to do with missing items but with the photo of the bed your paper published and about the two girls who absconded.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592The absconding of the two girls has immensely affected monster Jammeh. He is furious and is very afraid. He was informed that the two girls have taken his DNA and he will do whatever to get these two girls. According to a reliable DCC state house agent, monster Jammeh was told that Yafai may have allowed the two girls to take photos of the bed and that Yafai has connections with Fatou Camara. DCC can confirm to you that this is what led to Yafai’s arrest. NIA has conducted their investigation and Yafai provided them with all the proofs and NIA is afraid to tell dictator Jammeh that Yafai is innocent. They are detaining him for no reason, and monster Jammeh had done this to this innocent man before. He was detained before accused of stealing items and NIA found him innocent and he was released after a lengthy time. As DCC has reported below “ANYONE” who knows anything about him will be arrested sooner or later. The cooks, guards, gardeners and drivers who normally pick up the girls for him are NEXT. Anyone who is even a little bit intelligent will be arrested, they only want stupid people to remain around monster Jammeh. The entire state house staff are angry about the arrest of Yafai, even the state house mosque committee cannot understand why monster Jammeh is arresting all the good people. The guards, cooks, drivers, gardeners and everyone at state houses are very angry and they are all saying the dictator Jammeh is just using his powers to jump on innocent people. And this is what he will do next, he will release him and say that oh it was Mr. X who said this and that and that is why you were arrested. This is monster Jammeh at his best, divide and rule. One day, he will even arrest and replace the entire rogue NIA, their days are coming, and it is not far. Anyone who knows dictator Jammeh’s secrets will be arrested, EVERYONE. 

Baba leighFellow Gambians, DCC can confirm to you that the missing IMAM Ousman Sawaneh is at NIA. DCC agents saw him there, he is accused of having ties with Imam Baba Leigh. Monster Jammeh were you not advised not to touch Imam Baba Leigh, did you forget about the meeting. Our DCC agents were present and you accepted and the following week you arrested the IMAM and now the IMAM is giving you constant nightmare and anyone who is suspected of having ties with Imam Baba Leigh is monitored and falsely arrested. Dictator Jammeh will never change, as we reported he deeply regrets releasing the prisoners who are actually parolees. Dictator Jammeh is here killing cows, camels and burying “LIVE” chickens, yes chickens that are breathing are placed on a hole and buried, this man is a monster. The spiritual doctors are the one who are dictating the affairs of the government. Matarr Jarju a former wrestler is the one who runs these errands for him. He has a special car and fellow Gambians monster Jammeh spends more than 2 million dalasis a month on these spiritual doctors. He believes everything they tell him. But they have failed to bring PA NDERRY Mbai and others down. The spiritual doctors had promised monster Jammeh that some people in the struggle such as Pa Nderry Mbai will just get on a plane and go back to Gambia and he is still waiting.

macky sallFellow Gambians, we have reported this before and we want to bring it up because monster Jammeh has raised the topic again. Dictator Jammeh wants to annex and connect certain villages and towns from Cassamance to Gambia, this is his ultimate goal. Dictator Jammeh is saying that Senegal took all these places such as Bigjona and the entire Ziguinchor from Gambia, so he is looking for a way to reclaim these places, DCC do not know what he will do but he is planning something and will try it. Nobody should underrate and under estimate dictator Jammeh, the end of him will be UGLY. He will provoke Senegal, it is a matter of time.

On different topics, prominent people and politicians should be very vigilant. Monster Jammeh will do ANYTHING to stay in power. People who have a lot of money in the Gambia, take it out and move it somewhere. Our sources have reported that due to his lack of money, he will soon take money from the banks. Please Gambians take this seriously. Even semesters flying to Gambia are now monitored, there is a special team at the airport monitoring all semesters and it will be worst during the holiday period.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.   

Written By The Soldier

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