Breaking News: An Attempt On General Saul Badjie’s Life? As Badjie’s Vehicle Somersaulted While On His Way To The State House; NIA West Africa Agents Recalled; Yafai Manga Released!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh has started recalling some of his top spy chiefs from all over the region. According to reliable DCC agents at both the NIA and state house, some top chief NIA operatives around the globe have received letters to report immediately back to The Gambia. DCC can assure you that monster Jammeh is planning something, anyone who knows too much will face some type of consequences. Dictator Jammeh will replace the entire NIA soon, that we can assure you. NIA operative AKA AW has been recalled from Dakar, Senegal, NIA operative Sherrif Gassama has been recalled from Sierra Leone, NIA operative Mr. Gomez has been recalled from Nigeria, and a lot of them have been recalled. They have all been recalled with immediate effect. DCC can tell you with full confidence that the rogue NIA are at war with monster Jammeh. Dictator Jammeh is not happy with the West Africa NIA operatives, they have failed him. Monster Jammeh is especially complaining about the NIA operatives in Dakar. They have failed him and he is going to clean the entire NIA. Just watch what he will do to the DG of NIA and his operatives, this is something he planned since two years ago. All his spies in the entire world will one day be recalled and he wants to silence them.

Fellow Gambians, DCC cannot confirm if this was an attempt on Saul Badjie’s life or if it was an accident, but DCC can report to Gambians that General Badjie was involved in a serious accident where his new vehicle somersaulted and he survived the accident. The vehicle is completely damaged and one cannot believe that he survived the incident. Saul Badjie is in shock but he is not surprised too. Lately, he is not allowing anyone to drive him, he drives himself. This happened Thursday night when he was called to report to the state house and his vehicle somersaulted while he was driving. Saul knows that monster Jammeh is trying to kill him and is using different methods. DCC has been saying this for the past year, very soon Saul will get dictator Jammeh or monster Jammeh will get Saul Badjie. The entire state house knows this and it is just a matter of time.

Fellow Gambians, the online newspaper is dismantling not only the government, but the state house too. Everyone at state house is careful and is saying that Freedom has bugged their phones and they are afraid to talk on their phones. Monster Jammeh has even instructed Jimbeh Jammeh to monitor the protocol girls and see if they are communicating with Freedom. Jimbeh is afraid to talk on the phone and is constantly changing her phone number. Jimbeh DCC is watching and monitoring you, we know everything that you are doing. Post Jammeh era DCC will prove this, we have photoes, videos and full proof of all the crimes all of you have committed. But Gambians we can tell you that everyone at state house is afraid of the online media and constantly reading to see if their photoes are there or not. Even monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab are afraid of the online newspapers.

Pa, on a last note one of our reliable DCC agents at the state house saw Yafai today at the state house mosque, he has been released. In our subsequent report, we will write about the FERRY disaster, we have been saying this over and over again, please tell your family members to avoid using the FERRIES, it is just a matter of time before disaster strike. One of our DCC agents was aboard the ferry and we will report why the FERRY caught on fire, monster Jammeh government has failed the people, dictator Jammeh needs to step down. Nobody should trust this president, he has failed eve his family and will not spare anyone. Dictator Jammeh is trying to use money to make the people love him and he should know that money do not buy happiness.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs. 

Written By The Soldier

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