Editorial: Yahya Jammeh Has Finally Bought Elton Oil Company; Edward Singhateh Being Groomed To Replace Jammeh?


Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s obsession with financial and material world, has rendered The Gambia as a failed state, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jammeh is busy making money and amassing properties at the detriment of the nation. He has taken over virtually every lucrative sector in this country. Sadly, Gambians are hardly paying attention to Jammeh’s dubious and criminal activities, with the exception of few officials in the government, who are documenting his financial crimes against this impoverished nation. Jammeh is one of the dumbest dictator of our time. He is so obvious in his grand theft syndicate. There is an overwhelming evidence linking Jammeh to abuse of office, endemic corruption, hate crime, murder and so forth.  

edi4We can report with authority that the Elton oil Company now belongs to Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh has bought the 73% shares of the company. The company was partly owned by some Senegalese investors. The sale was finalized three days ago.

FIB bank and Trust Bank Gambia Limited processed Jammeh’s bank transfers. An unspecified amount of money was paid out to the Senegalese shareholders, through Jammeh’s newest financial conduit Edrissa Jobe.

Importation of petroleum has been nationalized. Muhammed Bazzi is out of the picture now. Bazzi is left with the joint venture Flower Mill Company. And Jammeh happens to be the majority shareholder of the said company. The company has exclusive right on all flour related importation. This means that the local companies in The Gambia, have been rendered disadvantaged by Jammeh and his co business partners.

Flour is now locally manufactured in The Gambia. Jammeh rakes nothing less than D6 million dalasi a month from the flour business venture. He is making good money from the venture. His Lebanese business partners are also making money from the venture.

It is imperative to note that Yahya Jammeh has taken over Gam-petroleum. Through Jammeh’s newly constituted company ATLAS, all oil related importation and shipment must henceforth passed through ATLAS. ATLAS is being managed by Edi Jobe and Mr. Jobarteh.  ATLAS also oversees TOTAL, AND ELTON.

In essence, Yahya Jammeh will now be selling fuel to Gambians. This particular sector attracts huge clientele, and Jammeh wants to dominate the sector, as he did to other sectors of our economy.

 Jammeh Has Taken Over The Fishing Industry!

SG-NYABALLY 2In regards to the fishing sector, Yahya Jammeh has given an executive directive through his Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Lamin Nyabally, for the issuance of fishing licenses to be put on hold for now. Jammeh has taken over this lucrative and vibrant sector over a year ago.

Yahya Jammeh has brought in some Moroccans related to his wife to manage the sector for him. That’s the main reason why fishing licenses are not being issued to Gambian locals and foreign fishing trawlers. Aggrieved parties, who petitioned the office of the President (OP) should not expect any response from him. Jammeh is the one behind folks being denied fishing license permits.

As we reported, it has been over year now since Yahya Jammeh has taken over the fishing industry. Jammeh now exports fish overseas. He is making millions of dollars from our sea waters. His phrase that “eat the fish you catch; catch the fish you eat” is just a mere decoy. He is playing with the gallery. Jammeh is taking impoverished Gambians for a ride. He is the biggest fisherman today in Banjul.

Therefore, it is wrong for anyone to blame Lamin Nyabally for sitting on some of the fishing license applications. Nyabally does not work for The Gambia; he works for Yahya Jammeh. That’s the sad naked reality. People should be able to distinguish that. Period.

 Ministry Of Lands Issuing Title Deeds To Jammeh!

Aki BayoThe Ministry of Lands should be annexed to the State House. The Minister Aki Bayo and his staff are complaining day in day out about Jammeh’s sheer greed. How on earth can Yahya Jammeh be allocated over 43 agricultural land leased document properties? Mind you, Jammeh is forcing villagers and communities, and in some occasions, he would confiscate their lands from them. The same Yahya Jammeh would turn around and instruct the Lands Ministry to issue him with title deeds of the properties that he acquired illegally. Absurd, right?

One is compelled to ask: Is Yahya Jammeh  really clever? Is Yahya Jammeh smart? Is Jammeh factoring that he would one day leave office? Is he bracing up for public accountability?

Oh I forgot.. Jammeh thinks that his regime is here to stay for eternity. He doesn’t think that he would one day find himself in court.

Jammeh would be shocked to learn that all lands issued to him—either legally or illegally have been documented for posterity. Some of his “property documents” have been shared with other sources.. Time will tell!

Like the Lands Ministry, The Gambia Revenue Authority too has suffered huge economic loss—thanks to Jammeh’s tax evasion. All taxable imported consignments made by Jammeh, are usually designated as “loss revenue.” The GRA keeps a copy of the report, and hands over the other copy to Jammeh himself.

There is no law in The Gambia, which indemnifies Jammeh from not paying taxes. The GRA “Loss Revenue Report” is an indictment against this buffoonery dictator, claiming to be the smartest kid in our block.

       Is Zeinab Jammeh Okay??

Jammehs familyLast week, we read a report in The Daily Observer, claiming that the First Lady was on a tour. The timing of the Daily Observer report speaks volume. The First Lady is said to be ill. There was an alleged altercation between her and Jammeh at the State House. The two “protocol girls” who escaped to Dakar, including Freedom’s recent reportage on Jammeh’s extramarital affairs triggered the altercation. Jammeh is so mean. How can he put his hands on a lady?

Jammeh and Zeinab are like cat and mouse. The duo are drama freaks. Jammeh uses money to keep her calm each time he pisses her off. She loves money and material world.

As long as Jammeh is able to raise some foreign exchange for her, to fly out to the US, she is fine with his whore husband.

Zeibab should not be surprised about Jammeh’s extramarital affairs. Mind you, she was dating Jammeh, when First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh was married to Jammeh. She came to Banjul couple of time to see the Kanilai monster before the knot was tied between the two.

Gambian Ambassador Omar Faye, was in Banjul. Our agents met him at the Foreign Ministry. Gorr returned to the US on Wednesday. He is Jammeh’s man in the US for now. The Embassy lacks money. Their salary often delays. In fact, some of the staffers there are struggling. Some might end up taking up employment outside the embassy just to put food on the table for their families. We are monitoring the situation. 

         Edward Singhateh Being Groomed To Succeed Jammeh?

EduYahya Jammeh is a funny character. He is telling his close aides that he might not contest the coming Presidential elections. I think this is just a decoy. He wants to assess Edward’s power obsession. Edu is a smart dude. He is not falling into Jammeh’s decoy to bait him.

The story goes like this: Yahya Jammeh invited Edward Singhateh sometime ago, and flooded the idea of him ( Jammeh) planning to relinquish power in the foreseeable future. Dictators never voluntarily relinquish power. But Jammeh wants to gauge the mind of his old friend. Jammeh even said he wouldn’t mind handing over to Edu, on condition that he would not be harassed or prosecuted.

Jammeh is tired and he wants to exit out from the Presidency. His regime lacks budget to live for another day. It is a dying regime!

Assuming that Edu presented himself as the APRC flag bearer in the 2016 polls, and he happens to win the elections, he (Singhatey) cannot guarantee Jammeh from not being extradited to face justice at the International Criminal Court or any sub-regional court.  Edu, is supposedly a legal mind, and we are of the view that he is familiar with international law. Jammeh cannot escape justice. We rest our case!

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