The former Imam of the State House mosque Alhagie Abdoulie Fatty, wouldn’t be able to travel outside the jurisdiction of The Gambia for now, as Fatty’s Passport has been impounded by the National Intelligence Agency, (the NIA), the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The move followed a Presidential directive—instructing the NIA to seize Imam Fatty’s passport. Fatty is being investigated by the NIA on allegations of misleading dictator Yahya Jammeh on issues relating to the Muslim Uma. Jammeh personally asked the NIA to open a case file for the former Jammeh State House Imam.

imam-fatty-dThe NIA Directorate is not convinced that Imam Fatty has committed any offence to warrant his passport to be impounded. But Jammeh is insisting that he wants the agency to fabricate charges against his onetime most trusted Imam in the country.

Jammeh’s case against Imam Fatty is premised on past societal issues in regards to Muslim feast prayer day, fasting, Christian schools, and the Imam’s alleged strained relationship with the Ahmadiyya Movement Muslim faith. The dictator is now claiming that Imam Fatty has misled him over the years to take rash decisions when it comes to religious freedoms in the country.


Imam Fatty was the Vice President of the Hajj Committee prior to his latest debacle with the dictator. He was also among the Hajj guides to Mecca. But Jammeh decided to remove his name from the list of Hajj guides for the past pilgrimage to Mecca. Jammeh did not stop at that. He also ordered the NIA to impound Imam Fatty’s passport.

Imam Fatty and Yahya Jammeh have had excellent relationship over the years. Jammeh used to consult him on major religious issues until last year, when their relationship soared.

jahMeanwhile, the mischievous and divisive Yahya Jammeh has befriended Ustass Ousman Jah, a man he onetime branded as a “Shai Muslim.” Ustass Jah was interviewed in the past by the NIA, following suspicion that he was Shai. He got fired from the Supreme Islamic Council immediately after his NIA encounter. Jah was the Vice President of the SIC. He was also a member of the Hajj Committee.

According to sources, Yahya Jammeh invited Ustass Jah to the State House this past Muslim feast “Tamharet” to serve as a special guest during the Islamic recitation. He spent two days at the State House reciting the Koran for the dictator. He also entertained questions from floor. Jammeh himself asked him questions during session.

It has been gathered that Ustass Jah was given a four wheel Mitsubishi black Pajero car and an unspecified amount of money by the dictator. The dictator told him that it was Imam Fatty who used to allegedly give him “false information” about him (Ustass Jah).  Jammeh rules The Gambia by employing the divide and rule tactics.

Ustass Ousman’s Jah’s US five year US visa was recently revoked by the US Embassy in The Gambia. He was called into the Embassy this past July, and once he showed up, the visa was revoked. This has to do with his ties with Iran. The full story will follow later.  

It is imperative to note that Jammeh’s finances is drying up. He gave D10,000 dalasi to the different Islamic groups that showed up at the State House to recite the Koran for him. Many were disappointed by the amount given to them by the dictator.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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