Breaking News: Jammeh Buys 66 Camels From Mauritania For Ritual; Gambia/Senegal Bridge Suspended; Weekend Sports Violence Rocked Gambia!


It was this past week, when a close confidant of dictator Yahya Jammeh confided to us that the paranoid Kanilai monster, is increasingly concerned about the longevity of his rule, as his grand marabouts (spiritual Godfathers) have advised him to takeout camels as charity, in an attempt to thwart any possible coup or political calamity that might grip his regime in the foreseeable future, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jammeh relies heavily on fortunetellers, marabouts, rituals and dreams to run The Gambia. He wasted no time by sending his emissaries to Mauritania to buy him sixty six (66) camels for him.  Sixty six camels represent the Islamic scripture “Alahu” according to one delegation member, who travelled to Mauritania to buy the camels. The delegation travelled by land.

Camel2Jammeh is under the delusional illusion that once he fulfills the necessary rituals as advised by his grand marabout, his regime is assured of eternal longevity. He is working so hard to ensure that he remains in power for as long as he wants. But man proposes; God disposes. Jammeh, you better get that!

Three trucks were used to transport the camels from Mauritania via Senegal to Banjul. One of the trucks had no number plate.

As evident on these pictures, the Jammeh emissaries arrived in Barra on Sunday morning. Our agents were already on the ground waiting for the delegation. The camels were placed onboard the Kanilai ferry. That was the first ferry to depart from Barra to Banjul.

It should be noted that The Gambia has been ranked as the forth poorest country on earth. Despite the country’s dead economy and infrastructure, Jammeh is preoccupied on wasting the nation’s meagre resources on projects, which do not have any bearing or impact on the country’s socio-economic development.  He has once again wasted close to half a million dollars on camels, when the average Gambian cannot afford one decent meal a day.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592Meanwhile, General Saul Badjie has told a member of Republican Guard stationed in Kanilai that Yahya Jammeh would be very lucky if December 2015 finds him in the government. Badjie also told the guard that he has no doubt in his mind that Jammeh cannot rule The Gambia beyond 2016.  He shared the same information with an insider at Quadrangle in Banjul.

In another development, four foreign nationals believed to be from the Southern province of Casamance have been under the radar of the NIA for sometime now. The said folks are usually armed and dressed in full Gambian army uniform. General Badjie instructed the NIA to discontinue their investigations on the basis that the men works for him. One of the men is stationed at Badjie’s home in Sukuta Nemasu, while the other works at the Army Headquarters in Banjul. The other one usually idles around West-field—begging money from travelers. 

It should be noted that none of the aforementioned foreign mercenaries have  been identified with any of the military battalions in The Gambia. Hence, the NIA was prompted to commence an investigations into their activities in the country.  But General Badjie interfered with the NIA probe. The case file was subsequently closed. 

General Badjie is also bragging that he has access to some of the unreported arms that they seized from the December 30 attackers. The arms have been hidden at an undisclosed location known to General Badjie and few others. The amount of arms catch that was displayed on television in the aftermath of the failed coup doesn’t necessarily represents the actual amount of arms that the mutineers left behind, our source said. 

For General Musa Savage, he was working with Sedia Bayo prior to the failed attack, our source alleged. Bayo rang Musa Savage in the presence of a Gambian activist, while they  were both in Senegal.  Savage at the time has reaffirmed his commitment to work with Bayo. The same Savage sold the attackers to the dictator. He was actively working with two different groups that were involved in a scheme to unseat the regime. 

Yillitenda/Ellitenda Bridge Project Suspended!

gambie-senegalThe Arab construction company, which was contracted to construct the Yillitenda/Ellitenda brige, has withdrawn from the site. This was the multimillion dollar project, the ADB and other donor partners jointly funded. The Gambia and Senegal were both supposed to benefit from the project. The project was going to enhance sub-regional trade, transportation and movement of the people in both countries.

The circumstances, which led to the abrupt suspension of the project is unknown at this hour. There are so many conspiracy theories being associated with the suspension of the project.

According to some analysts, the move might be attributed to the recent strained relationship between Dakar and Banjul. This followed Gambia’s occupation of Senegal’s territory—Tranquill, in the Southern province of Casamance, just along the border. The border dispute prompted both countries to send representatives to the disputed territory to chat way forward in trying to resolve the matter amicably. No serious decision has so far emerged since the border debacle dispute.

Other analysts are of the view that the project was discontinued largely due to the growing culture of corruption in Jammeh’s government. In that the bridge contract was never properly tendered and that Jammeh is openly favoring his Arab in-laws by awarding them an important bridge project, which concerns both countries. That there is no guarantee on the side of The Gambia, as to whether the funds earmarked for the bridge would be judiciously managed.  

We can report with authority that the bridge project has been discontinued for now. There is no presence of workers on site. The construction equipment used by the Arab company has been removed from the site. The site has been reduced as a ghost site. No one seems to know what is actually going on. The Jammeh government is not forthcoming with information either.

Sports Violence Rocked Gambia

Briks1A bloody sports violence rocked Brikama during the weekend. So many football fans, including the Chairman of the Nawettan Organizing Committee Pa Modou Faal were injured during the riots. Brikama was playing with Banjul, when hell broke loose on the football pitch, as some fans of the Brikama football club felt that the referee was being biased against their team. Brikama claimed that the Ref refused to award them a penalty against Banjul, when a foul was committed on Banjul’s own pitch against a Brikama player.

Banjul later scored a goal, which triggered the Brikama fans to went berserk on the pitch—throwing stones and other deadly objects at the crowd. There was a total pandemonium on Friday at the Brikama football park.

The Personnel of the Police Intervention Unit on duty provided security for the Banjul team. Banjul suffered no causality or injury during the disturbances. The team was safely escorted out of Brikama unharmed.  This was confirmed by Omar Touray, the head Coach of the Banjul team. Mr. Touray, in an interview with Freedom Radio Gambia on Sunday, thanked the PIU for the level of professionalism it displayed during the incident. He said none of his players were harmed adding that without the timely intervention of the PIU, the situation was going to be more chaotic.

Briks2The Brikama Football Club has been slammed with three years suspension. The club also faces D20,000 dalasi fine. Brikama is appealing against the decision of the Nawettan organizing committee, the club’s head coach Charlie tells Freedom Radio Gambia during our Sunday Leral show. Charlie tells Freedom Radio Gambia that the referee, who presided over the match has been biased against his team for some time now. He cataloged a list of different matches in which Brikama played against other teams in the league and Ref was allegedly biased against his team. He noted that each time the said Ref presides over a match in which Brikama is involved it turns out to be violent. He attributed the violence to lack of independent referee.

Charlie has denied that he instigated the violence. He added that as the head coach of the Brikama team, it is normal for him to raise his objection if he feels that the Ref is being biased against his team. He said none of the teams were involved in the weekend violence. He noted that the violence was triggered by some spectators. Neither teams refused to take responsibility for the incident. 

Charlie used the interview to appeal to the relevant authorities to beef up the football park with security in the future. He noted that an additional security on the ground would to some degree mitigate such sports violence from happening.  

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

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