Breaking News: Ousman Jah Appointed As “Religious Adviser” To VP Isatou Njie Saidy!


Days after he met Africa’s most lethal and deadly dictator Yahya Jammeh, Cadi Ousman Jah, has been appointed as “Religious Adviser” to Gambia’s Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. This first portfolio of its kind since the advent of Jammeh twenty one year autocratic rule. Mr. Jah, who was onetime branded as a “Shia Muslim” by dictator Jammeh, will now be advising Isatou Njie Saidy on religious related matters, according to competent sources reaching this medium.

It has been gathered that Ustass Jah was given a four wheel Mitsubishi black Pajero car and an unspecified amount of money by the dictator. The dictator told him that it was Imam Fatty, who used to allegedly give him “false information” about him (Ustass Jah).  Jammeh rules The Gambia by employing the divide and rule tactics.

In addition to his latest responsibility as a “religious adviser” VP Njie Saidy, Ousman Jah has been reinstated into the Hajj Committee. It would be recalled that Jah got fired from Hajj Committee following his debacle with the NIA, as he was accused of being a “Shia Muslim.”

In another development, dictator Yahya Jammeh’s newest religious leader buddy Alhagie Ousman Jah, will not be visiting the United States of America anytime soon, as the US State Department, through the US Embassy in Banjul, has decided to revoke his five years visitor’s visa, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  No immediate information was given for the cancellation of Jah’s visa. But sources intimated that the revocation of Ustass Jah’s visa, had to do with his close ties with Iran. Jah is also said to be a “Shia Muslim.” He is operating an office in The Gambia, which is funded by some interest groups in Iran. Jah frequently shuttles between Banjul and Tehran. He usually books his flights in Dakar, Senegal before travelling to Iran.

According to competent sources, Ousman Jah, who happens to be a Cadi judge, used to travel to the United States over the years without experiencing much problem with the US Customs agents. He was first issued a five year visa, which expires last year. His third US Gambian American wife, believed to be residing in Minnesota, invited him last November to visit her, and he was issued with a five year US visa.

In one of his visits to the US, Jah was held for hours at the airport by US security agents. His passport contained numerous Iranian visas, which automatically flagged him as someone, who frequents a nation that has not been getting along with the United States. Jah was interviewed and later cleared to proceed with his journey to the US.

Iran and the US have had diplomatic row over the years, especially on Tehran’s nuclear program. But the Obama administration was able to mend fences with Tehran after the Islamic nation agreed to meet certain demands made by the US. The two countries are now collaborating in trying to restore peace in Iraq.

It was this past July, that Ustass Ousman Jah was summoned to the US Embassy in Banjul, where the decision to revoke his visa was officially communicated to him. The decision was said to have emanated from Washington DC, sources said.

It is not clear if Mr. Jah has been placed on US terror no fly list. But this medium can authoritatively report that Ousman Jah’s five years US visa has been revoked. The revocation came at a time, when Mr. Jah has married a fourth wife from Sokon, Senegal.  

His US Gambian wife was said to have contacted the US State Department for information, as to what might have occasioned the revocation of her husband’s visa. Details of her findings have not been made public, sources said.

Ousman Jah is a Saudi educated Gambian. He enjoys cordial relationship with the regime in Tehran. It has been gathered that he is being funded by Iran. He is running an office in Banjul; in addition to his Cadi job.

According to family sources, Ousman Jah met his US Gambian wife during a trip to the United States. “He was invited to Raleigh, North Carolina, for an Islamic recitation, where he met the lady, who lives in Minnesota. The lady was visiting Raleigh at the time. Ustass Jah immediately became in love with the lady, as soon as he saw her in the crowd. He then tasked one of his mediators (name withheld) to inform the lady that he wanted to marry her. The lady was bit apprehensive at first to marry the old man. But she was convinced by her parents to marry Jah. The pair then subsequently got married,” our source said.

Ustass Jah’s chances of visiting his Gambia American wife is next to nil. He has been prevented from visiting the US. Sources said Jah has taken the decision made by the US authorities to revoke his visa in good faith. He has no intention of appealing against his visa revocation decision, our sources added.

Mr. Jah is the focal point contact person for Iran in The Gambia. He is fluent in Arabic. Mr. Jah is married with four wives; blessed with seven kids. He is originally from Numi. He is a close relative to the former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Njogu Bah. 

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