Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Is Baiting Ambassador Faye With Cash For His Possible Imprisonment!


It appears that dictator Yahya Jammeh is trying to bait his half-baked Ambassador accredited to the United States Sheikh Omar Faye, AKA Gorr, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Gorr has been tasked with overseeing all freighting (shipment) related consignments belonging to Jammeh coming out from the US to The Gambia. This means that he will now have access to cash.

Former Embassy personnel, who were tasked with executing the said responsibility ended up either being fired, or jailed by the dictator. From Tijan Massaneh Ceesay, AKA Akubopa to Lamin Sanyang, have all had their bad experiences with the Kanilai monster. Lamin Sanyang in particular was briefly jailed before he was pardoned by the despot.

Gorr, you better take note and understand that Jammeh is plotting to have you implicated. Second asylum application cannot save you from Jammeh’s nets. Jammeh has cleverly crafted his ploy to have you implicated in the foreseeable future.

Last week, you were spotted in Banjul with a Chinese man. You flew together to the US. Since you are not meeting Jammeh’s expectations, he has decided to assign you to be in charge of his freights in the US. Any dime missing from Jammeh’s ill-gotten funds can cost you your job.

Insiders at the DC Embassy are reporting that Gorr’s son occasionally uses his Dad’s official diplomatic car to go to work. The car is strictly meant for official functions, but Gorr doesn’t seems to care. He thinks that he is in the good books of Jammeh. That he can behave otherwise.

Another issue of concern happening at the Embassy, is Gorr’s recent move to create the position of a clerk, who would be responsible for the mission’s paperwork and filing. He brought in a cute girl into the embassy, who is believed to be his secret mistress to work for him. Insiders at the embassy said the chancery lacks budget to cater for such a position, but Gorr is insisting that the girl must be included on their payroll.  

Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye is due to arrive in the US this morning, according to embassy insiders. Her husband lives in Atlanta. She is believed to be visiting. She was part of the delegation which visited the US recently. She spent few weeks with her husband in Atlanta before returning to The Gambia. 

In another related Gambian news, the Director General of Gambia’s Immigration Department Pa Mboob has been amputated. One of his legs was amputated recently. Mr. Mboob, who was flown to Dakar, for medical treatment is suffering from diabetes.

Mr. Mboob has been replaced by one Mr. Jarju, the former Commissioner of Refugees in charge of West Coast Region. Jarju is now the acting Director General of the Immigration Department.  He has been tasked with helping Yahya Jammeh to reintegrate the high influx of refugees into the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC’S) flawed electoral register.

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