Who Is Ensa Kujabi? Jammeh’s West Africa Military Intelligence Station Chief Exposed!


Ensa Kujabi, is a Gambian military intelligence officer. He was born in Kafuta village, Kombo East. His late father’s name is Mafugi Kujabi. His mom is called Muskoi Badjie. Ensa drops out of school, and later pursued a career with The Gambia Armed Forces. He joined the army at his eighteen birthday. Prior to him joining the army, he was staying with one of his relatives at one of the army barracks in The Gambia. He hangs around soldiers during the period in question.MI1

Even though, Ensa Kujabi, doesn’t possess the necessary educational requirements to be admitted into the military, he was given the opportunity to serve. His recruit days was another story. He couldn’t handle the heavy lifting, long run and combat exercise. He occasionally falls on the ground crying like a toddler.  His batch mates mocked him for his inability to withstand the intense military training. But that never stopped him from graduating from the recruit training.

It was during an army parade that dictator Yahya Jammeh spotted the malnourished tiny recruit grandaunt Ensa Kujabi. Jammeh personally walked towards him and asked him if he had a girlfriend. His answer was an emphatic yes. Jammeh then praised him for his honesty. The dictator then initiated him to be moved to the army intelligence unit. Jammeh told him that he has won his trust and respect. That’s how Ensa Kujabi got to the Army MI.

MI3Joining the army MI, has transformed Ensa Kubaji’s life for the worst. Kujabi is Jammeh’s chief spy in charge of West Africa. He shuttles between Senegal, Liberia, Ghana, Morocco, and Sierra Leone and around the sub-region gathering intelligence for the dictator. He is active on Facebook, and also other Gambian social media sites.  He runs multiple fake profiles online. He often lied to his unsuspecting followers that he was dismissed from The Gambian army, when in reality he is still on the dictator’s payroll. He even makes unsolicited offers to join diasporan Gambian groups that he (Kujabi) suspects of plotting to take on the regime militarily.

One of the escapees of the December 30 attackers Dawda Bojang was on Ensa’s radar. Even though the duo used to be good friends, Kujabi was determined to infiltrate his old friend and possibly sell him to the dictator. Dave, never entertained his BS. His relationship with Dave is not that cordial at this time, according to sources. 

Mr. Kujabi has just finished his tour of duty in Liberia. He was there to investigate some Gambians suspected to be plotting to overthrow the Jammeh regime. One Mr. Gassama, a Gambian Liberian was on Kujabi’s radar. He was using this number 224623241628 while he was assigned in Liberia to spy at dissidents. 

Kujabi, is not an intelligent material. He is an information risk. He reveals a lot of information concerning his assignments during casual phone conversation. He often lied to folks that he lives in Mexico, while he is crisscrossing the West African region scavenging for intelligence.

MI4As recent as two weeks ago, Ensa Kujabi, phoned Musa Sarr, a former member of The Gambia Armed Forces, who was implicated in the December 30, attack confessing to him that he has been lying to Sarr all these years that he was not an active member of the army, when he is. Kujabi told Musa Sarr that while he was in Dakar, he was assigned to spy at dissidents. He also told him that he has just finished his tour of duty in Liberia. Kujabi said he has been redeployed to Morocco.

Prior to his confession, Kujabi was trying to lure Musa Sarr to meet him in Morocco so that they can secure visas to travel to the west. He told Mr. Sarr that he has contacts in Morocco, who can help them with visa. But Sarr was bit apprehensive about Kujabi’s story. He knew that his ex army batch mate was up to no good! 

This was not the first time that Kujabi has deceived Musa Sarr. Kujabi was the contact person for Sillaba Samateh and Sedia Bayo in Dakar, when couple of thousands of dollars landed into his hands on the basis that Sarr and co were going to be assisted to secure visas to travel to Holland  to attend a bogus conference. Sarr and co lost their money in vain. No visas were issued to them.

According to Musa Sarr, Ensa Kujabi, once visited him at his residence in Senegal, while concealing a 75 millimeter gas gun in his bag. When Musa demanded to search his bag, he complied. A gas gun was found in the bag. Kujabi’s explanation was that he got the gun while serving as a UN peacekeeper in Sudan. He said he was broke and that he wanted to sell the gas gun to buy food. Mr. Sarr took the gun from him. He left the gun behind.  Sarr then handed the gas gun to his landlord’s son.

The disappearance of Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham has been linked to Ensa Kujabi, even though Kujabi has denied his involvement into the duo’s missing case. Kujabi was said to have admitted meeting Mahawa and Saul Ndow in Dakar, prior to their disappearance. He was introduced to the duo by Sedia Bayo. He was working for Sedia Bayo at some point, but the duo later fallout.

Ensa Kujabi has claimed to be a relative of General Saul Badjie, but he doesn’t wish his  relative well. He has long been plotting to implicate Saul Badjie. That’s a long story. Ensa is a devil. Human intelligence can confirm what we are reporting here. 

Ensa Kujabi’s own mom Musukoi Badjie doesn’t know about his whereabouts. He was onetime feared dead. His family even had to take out charity for him. It was this past Tobaski that he travelled to Kafuta with his wife Isha Joof to see his family. Everyone in the village was virtually surprised seeing him. Dude travels without informing his wife, mum and family. He is always on Jammeh’s spy mission.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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