Breaking News: Coup At The State House, As The Singhatehs Emerged!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, after putting himself under house arrest for a long time, the dictator is preparing for a nationwide campaign tour, he will embark on the tour on Monday. The spiritual advisers have endorsed the trip, they told him that he needs to tour the country, if not he will fail in the 2016 election. DCC is on the ground and we are going to be as part of the entourage and we will be sending you reports. Monster Jammeh has no money and is going to steal more from GRA, GPA and social security to sponsor his trip. Dictator Jammeh has failed the Gambians and there is nothing he can tell the Gambians anymore. On this tour, he will not address the major economic problems the nation is facing but will be talking about “grow what you eat and eat what you grow.” Vision 2016 is a complete failure and he will sacrifice some people and blame them. Dictator Jammeh is never faulty and it’s always other people. All the money from Ministry of Agriculture have been stolen by dictator Jammeh to fuel his and devil Zeinab extravagant lifestyle. A majority of Gambians don’t have enough food to eat and monster Jammeh still keeps on stealing the government money. Dictator Jammeh will be traveling with more than 1000 security detail. And warning to families, please do not let your daughters to attend any of the meetings, this is where dictator Jammeh will use money to get them, he will even sleep with married women, do not allow your family members to attend these meetings. Lately monster Jammeh has been avoiding sleeping with anyone outside of the family, he is constantly targeting the girls who are related to him.

COUPFellow Gambians something is brewing in the Gambia and DCC is actively and hotly pursuing to get answers, but something strange is happening at State House. Freedom Newspaper had reported this and DCC can also confirm that this is true. Edward Singhateh has lately been meeting with monster Jammeh a lot. DCC does not know what is happening but we will know soon. Why is Edward frequenting State House, something is cooking. Dictator Jammeh do not trust Saul Badjie, he cannot travel anywhere without monitoring Saul Badjie. DCC strongly believes that dictator Jammeh cannot tour the country or travel out of the country without getting extra security and protection from Saul Badjie. There is a big “COMBA” between dictator Jammeh and Saul Badjie. But one will strike SOON. Is dictator Jammeh trying to trick Edward or trying to hand over power to Edward? DCC knows monster Jammeh and this man is power hungry and will be difficult for him to trust anyone even his own mother. But there is rumor at the State House that monster Jammeh is about to relinquish power and hand it over to Edward. DCC do not believe that, it may be a trick. Dictator Jammeh is full of tricks and always deceiving. Why are we saying this? According to a reliable DCC agent at the Banjul International Airport, who we call the EAGLE, Edward’s brother Peter Singhateh arrived in the Gambia and was picked up by a tinted vehicle.

peter singhatehWhy is Peter in the Gambia, is Jammeh going to arrest the two brothers or is he going to use them against Saul Badjie and Yankuba Badjie. It is going to be very interesting. Warning to Edward and Peter, Gambians are watching you and know all the atrocities you have committed and everything has been recorded and waiting for post Jammeh era. DCC is watching and monitoring you. Dictator Jammeh is confused and paranoid and is looking for someone who can provide him protection. He is talking about being the supreme leader, spiritual leader and a King. This is what he is working on and in the process is mixing Gambians, it is going to be NASTY.

Fellow Gambians, according to reliable State House DCC agents, devil Zeinab is requesting Balla Jarsey to install CCTV cameras in rooms where she suspects monster Jammeh sleeps with these so called protocols and other women. Devil Zeinab wants to monitor everything that is happening at the State House and she knows that her dirty husband sleeps with different women. She do not care about Gambians, all she cares is about the money which is not enough now. There is no money now in the Gambia, and there is a big power struggle happening in the country, TIME WILL TELL.

Pa, This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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