Breaking News: Yahya Jammeh Sacrifices School Children For Ritual Purposes, As State Guard Vehicle Hits School Bus!


A bloody accident occurred in The Gambia on Wednesday, leaving dozens of students critically injured, as dictator Yahya Jammeh’s State Guard soldiers ran into a school bus, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Two of the injured students have been admitted to Intensive Care, while dozen others are suffering from various degrees of injuries, this medium can report. The State Guard motorcade was said to have deliberately hit the school bus amid reports that the accident was part of dictator Jammeh’s human sacrifice to shed human blood before the elections. Jammeh’s spiritual Godfathers (marabouts) have advised him to sacrifice human beings for charity in order to stay in power.

Just this past week, Jammeh bought sixty six camels from Mauritania. This followed an advise given to him by his marabouts to sacrifice camels as charity to stay in power. Jammeh’s demons (devils) have asked him to provide camels for ritual sacrifices.

The school bus driver was also injured during the crash, sources said. The accident was somehow stage managed by Jammeh’s elite State Guard soldiers. The chances of the injured students to survive the accident is next to nil. Our hospitals lacked the basic equipment and drugs to treat accident victims including other diseases.

Gambia’s healthcare system has collapsed. This was evident in a report prepared by the Ministry of Health lamenting about the acute shortages of drugs, beds, and basic operational equipment to run our health facilities across the country. Once the report was published by the  Freedom Newspaper, Jammeh issued directives for the author of the said damning health report one Madam Carrol to be arrested and charged. 

A Freedom Newspaper source writing from Banjul said: “Pa, There was a major accident at Kamalo, the junction of Cape Point and the SK/Banjul Highway just after 2.00 PM. The bus was full of students from Banjul, when it was dangerously hit by a State Guard vehicle traveling from the same direction with a private vehicle owned by Babou Gaye Sonko, the APRC nominated MP at the National Assembly.”

“Several students were injured and two were rushed to the IC unit of the Banjul hospital. Many students were traumatized and could be heard shouting. The bus driver was also injured. Will keep you posted with developments,” our source added.

According to eye witnesses, police arrived at the scene of the crash shortly after the accident occurred.  No arrest was made. No one was charged for the incident, our source added. The State Guard driver was let go. The soldiers then proceeded with their journey. 

The State Guards have been licensed by Jammeh to torture and kill Gambians with impunity. Almost all road related accidents are usually perpetrated by Jammeh’s guards and motorcade. The injured students will just suffer in vain, unless their colleagues and family members pressurize this criminal regime to charge the perpetrators of the accident. 

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