EX Police Detective Admits Planting Drugs On Suspects; As She Implicates Her Superiors!


Pa, I want to get some information across to the Gambia, as I am a junior officer, and I have been sacrificed by my senior officers. I was a CID officer attached to Kairaba Police station and my name is Jara. My Superiors were OC Pateh and SO Sowe and while serving we were assigned to do a lot of dirty jobs planting drugs at suspected tourist or foreign business men houses; then conduct search. We arrested them.. We got cash from them and deport them. Sowe mostly leads while Pateh coordinate from office. 

We have arrested group of Gambian boys after receiving money from a Pakistani visa fraudster to implicate them and release him, this even the prosecutors were involved in the deal.  

Of recent, I was assigned to plant drug in a suspect’s house because the money he was paying at the station for a civil suit was eaten by my bosses and they want to silence him while doing it it fails. They promised me all will be fine and I just woke up one day they arrested me and take me to court.

They arranged for me to have bail and encourage me to run away, but am already missing my family. I cannot take it any longer.

Pateh is now the Deputy CMC and Sowe too got promoted while all they gave me is D4000. Help me to get my info to the public. I will also want interview, am in Belarus.

Written By Jara, A Former Police Detective

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