Rejoinder: Who Is Ensa Kujabi?


“Ensa Kujabi’s own mom Musukoi Badjie doesn’t know his whereabouts. He was onetime feared dead. His family even had to take charity for him. It was only this past Tobaski that he traveled to Kafuta with his wife Isha Joof to see his family. Everyone in the village virtually surprised seeing him.”

Hi Pa,

Could you please post this short rejoinder on your November 5th Breaking News captioned “Who is Ensa Kujabi” in your newspaper.

I assume that you do not know Ensa Kujabi personally, and therefore I can only conclude that you reported exactly as you were told. If the latter is the case, then it is sad that this source took you for granted by diluting unfounded accounts that are not only embarrassing, but also defy common sense ‘(human intelligence)” for any reasonable person to believe this part of the story. It undoubtedly serves as a trigger to any reasonable person to question the credibility of the source. Again, the above caption of this story is very misleading. The fact is that since Ensa abruptly left The Gambia in late 2011 or early 2012, no member of the Kujabi family has ever set eyes on him, not even beyond the borders of The Gambia. Which village did he visit “last Tobaski”? Certainly not Kafuta. Who were “virtually surprised seeing him? With which wife? Certainly not any villagers in Kafuta, and certainly not Isha Joof. When was Ensa ever feared dead that he had charity take out for him? Garbage!!!!!

Ensa may have hurt some people while he was in active duty in the army and outside the army who may have legitimate reasons to pick a bone with him, and it appears to me that this particular source is one of the victims of his deceitful behavior. However, common sense “human intelligence” teaches us that once you characterize a person as a “liar” you must never believe a word that he or she says until you verify. A liar lies even in telling the truth. No surprise? In this story alone, Ensa has been called a liar not only by your source, but also by an independent observer in the name of Yafai Bojong who also claim to be a Kafutarian. It is an open secret therefore, that many Kafutarians and the Kujabi family including myself, have received inconsistent claims from Ensa over the years. Typical of of a “liar”? Go figure.

I can go as far as calling him a delusional young man. Yes it is a fact that he was said to be at one time very close to Jammeh. But hell, I can give a litany of former close Jammeh ally-turned foes in the Diaspora?  I lost count the last time I attempted. Some of those same former allies are now called “comrades in the struggle” and other coded names. Like most former soldiers and personal Jammeh confidants, Ensa is on the run for his life. Take it or let it alone. If he cheated anybody in any form, go after him. He is no agent for Jammeh. How in the world could he be collecting intelligence on dissidents and yet he cannot even visit The Gambia to see his mom, wife and child? Seriously? Is he collecting for Jammeh or against Jammeh? Neither is true. I would advise your source to focus on the bad deeds that Ensa may have done to him and others, and let him pursue him wherever he may be.

Written By Pa Saikou Kujabi.

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