Gambia: A Rare Picture Of Jammeh’s EX-Bodyguard Turns Mutineer!


Flanked on the left hand side of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s luxurious motorcade, Ex-Army Lance Corporal Dawda Bojang, was among the soldiers assigned to protect the dictator’s life, during his career in Gambia’s military, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jammeh’s life was in the hands of these young junior soldiers. Mr. Bojang has served for six consecutive years as Jammeh’s bodyguard. He was not only a familiar face to the dictator, but he was also among Jammeh’s most trusted bodyguards.

His loyalty to the dictator’s government started to dwindle when Mr. Bojang felt that he was being marginalized.  Due to lack of incentives, training package, nepotism, and promotion, Dawda Bojang became frustrated. He could no longer put up with the dictator’s flagrant nepotism.  He then embarked on an AWOL (absent without leave from the army). He traveled through the risky back way to Europe, and safely arrived in Italy, before proceeding to Germany, where he now lives.

Living barely less than one year in Germany, Mr. Bojang decided to return home with some of his former colleagues in the army, leaving all the comfort and opportunities in Europe, behind  to partake in an armed mutiny to dislodge the administration of Africa’s most brutal dictator Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Bojang is strongly opposed to the gross injustices, human rights atrocities and endemic corruption taking place in The Gambia under Jammeh’s watch. Hence, he decided to fight for the liberties and freedoms of the oppressed Gambians.

The December 30, 2014, failed coup, left three of the mutineers death. Dawda Bojang himself was pronounced death by Gambia’s Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye, in a “situational report” she read on state television in the aftermath of the failed coup. Not knowing that Mr. Bojang, has safely exited out of the country, the government kept announcing that Mr. Bojang was among the causalities of the attack.

As a bodyguard, Dawda Bojang, has suffered repeated verbal assaults from his former boss Yahya Jammeh. What happened was, some Jammeh supporters called the dictator by his birth name (Yahya Jammeh) and Jammeh wasn’t happy about it. He asked Mr. Bojang to tell the crowd to stop calling him by his name. Jammeh wants to be called “His Excellency, HE Jammeh.” Bojang conveyed the message to the crowd, but they kept calling him Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh then insulted Dawda’s mom.

In some occasions, Jammeh will physically assault his bodyguards, one of his long serving bodyguards told the Freedom Newspaper in a phone conversation. The bodyguard said Jammeh doesn’t respect his own guards. He treats us with utter contempt, he added.

Mr. Dawda Bojang is among the mutineers charged in absentia by The Gambian state. His parents were also among the scores of people held for over six months by the NIA, in the wake of the failed coup. They were later released, following a Presidential directive.

Despite being away from the country, the dictator’s regime is working frantically to have Mr, Bojang shipped to Jammeh’s crocodiles in Kanilai. Mr. Bojang’s own former batch mate in the army, and onetime close friend Ensa Kujabi, a Military Intelligence officer, has been assigned to monitor his activities. Bojang said Kujabi tried to infiltrate him on numerous occasions, but he refused to volunteer any information to him  about the failed coup. He has decided to snub Mr. Kujabi. Mr. Kujabi has resorted to impersonating him by using Mr. Bojang’s picture on his Facebook profile, Bojang tells the Freedom Newspaper. 

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