Gambia: Imam Arrested For Protesting Against The Secret Burying Of Dead Bodies At The Kanifing South Cemetery; Jammeh Implicated!


New details have emerged in the case of the Kanifing South Imam Alhagie Ousman Sawaneh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The Imam is being held in connection with his recent protest against the Kanifing graveyard being burglarized by unknown people, who would in turn bury dead people at the cemetery without the knowledge of the community. The late night graveyard intruders would usually break the cemetery’s main padlock and replaced it with a new one after burying new corpses there. Almost every given week or so, the cemetery’s padlock would be broken into by the intruders. The Imam and his mosque Committee doesn’t seem to know the people behind the secret burying of corpses at the cemetery.

Concerned by the recent development, Imam Sawaneh, convened a meeting with his mosque Committee to discuss how best they could resolve the matter. The Imam was on record for having condemned the cemetery intrusion. He told his Mosque Committee that the bodies being buried at the graveyard never come from the Community and demanded vigilance in the area. He also talked about the cemetery’s padlock being vandalized by the intruders.

A day after summoning a meeting with his Mosque Committee, Imam Sawaneh got picked up by the NIA. Information reached the Kanilai monster that the Imam protested against the secret burying of corpses at the Kanifing cemetery. Jammeh then ordered for the Imam’s immediate arrest.

It is not clear whether Yahya Jammeh is the one behind the secret burying of dead bodies at the Kanifing South cemetery. But Jammeh’s swift reaction to the story, and the Imam’s subsequent arrest, has raised eyebrows in the Community.

A State House insider said: “The Imam did the right thing by organizing a meeting to discuss the issue with his Mosque Committee. What the Imam fails to understand is that Yahya Jammeh’s agents are the one using the Kanifing cemetery for secret burial of corpses. This is part of his ritual sacrifices for the 2016. Jammeh’s demons have asked him to kill sixteen young girls for rituals. There is a special taskforce assigned to abduct and kill people for Jammeh for ritual purposes. Jammeh is not happy with the Imam because he felt that his secrets are being revealed. He felt that he owns The Gambia and he can bury corpses at any cemetery he wants,” said our source.

During the NIA interrogations, Imam Sawaneh was confronted with questions about the meeting he held with his Mosque Committee especially the unidentified corpses buried at the Kanifing South cemetery. The Imam wanted to bring the issue to the attention of the relevant authorities, but he was arrested hours after the Mosque meeting, source said.

“Imam Sawaneh’s life is at risk. The President has asked us to keep him here. He may likely be handed to the jungullars. His case is a sensitive one. Unless his congregation raise some alarm, just like they did in the case of Imam Baba Leigh, he risked disappearing for good,” said one of our sources.

According to competent sources, the Imam’s family wanted to engage the services of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe to represent the embattled Imam, but the UDP leader couldn’t avail his services to them on the grounds that the case might be misconstrued as political. The family then contacted another lawyer for possible representation of the Imam.

      Jammeh’s Irish Potatoes And Onions Got Spoiled

One of the stores being operated by the greedy Kanilai monster Yahya Jammeh at the Banjul market, was the scene of spoiled Irish potatoes, and onions. Jammeh’s business is not faring well these days. There is no market for his imported Irish potatoes and onions.

One of our agents witnessed a large consignment of spoiled Irish potatoes and onions being transported from Jammeh’s store at the then “Bata” store at the Banjul market for dumping. The imported food stuffs are not fit for human consumption. Gambians should avoid Jammeh’s stores. One is likely to contract stomach related pain if he or she consumes the spoiled Irish potatoes and onions.

Meanwhile, many businesses are closing in The Gambia. Traders spent the entire day at the market without making any serious sales. The purchasing power for the average Gambian has declined drastically overtime. This can be attributed to the crumbled economy.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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