Gambia: Yahya Jammeh Sleeps A Lot During The Tour, Amid Ailing Health!


One of our agents accompanying Yahya Jammeh in his dialogue with the people’s tour has reported that Jammeh is currently experiencing sleepless nights. Jammeh is fatigue, confused and paranoid at the same time. Jammeh occasionally sleeps during public functions. The dictator is losing it. He is not with himself. He even insulted one of his guards. He is fuming with rage that people are not showing up at his meetings.

Another interesting thing happening during the tour is that, Jammeh is always in constant touch with General Badjie and the officers he left behind in Banjul. He doesn’t trust his officers. He is likely to cut short his tour for fear of being attacked or toppled by the army.

One Minister accompanying Jammeh said: “The tour is very boring. Jammeh sleeps a lot during the day. He spent the entire night hanging out with his guards. He snubbed one of my colleagues when he tried to speak to him during the tour. Jammeh is very childish,” said the Minister.

According to our agent, Jammeh’s security detail is the least secured. He was able to secretly photographed Jammeh’s convoy. He also shook hands with Jammeh while pockets of children lined up to welcome the dictator. Jammeh constantly scans the area, as his eyes kept moving around.

“One could read that Jammeh is afraid. He is increasingly worried about his safety. His security is not that good. His guards are not vigilant at all. His convoy recklessly drive around localities. Jammeh’s own official car will not pass safety test. There is an accident in waiting.  Many a time his convoy drivers are under the influence of drugs,” said our source. 

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