Gambia: Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh Says His Senegalese Counterpart Macky Sall Is A Fake Puppet President!


Gambia’s controversial dictator Yahya Jammeh, has called on Senegalese to vote out their President Macky Sall, and elect an independent, sincere, honest, and God fearing leader, who would steer the affairs of their nation, without dancing to the dictates of westerners. Mr. Jammeh made the call during a meeting in Farafenni yesterday, where he branded President Sall as a “western puppet” who has derailed Senegal’s socio-economic and infrastructural development, just for the sake appeasing his Zionist masters, especially France and other western powers.  

Macky and jammeh 1The Gambian leader made it crystal clear to his audience that he cannot work with President Macky Sall, because in his own words “President Sall is a fake President,” who has compromised his independence as a leader.

“I cannot work with Macky Sall. How can a human being turn into a rat and bite and comfort me, at the same time. That’s absurd. This is the third Senegalese President that I cannot work with. No one can fool me,” Jammeh remarked, as he informed President Sall that he (Jammeh) was aware of his political machinations and plots against his regime.

Mr. Jammeh then went on to explain the political and policy differences his regime had with the previous Senegalese administrations—dating back to the then government of President Abdou Diof, Abdoulie Wade, and of recent President Macky Sall. He said both Diof and Wade left the Presidency unexpected, while he (Jammeh) is still in power. Macky Sall too would leave one day, he said.

Jammeh talks about Abdoulie Wade complaining to him that the American government wasn’t happy about his administration at the time. “I told Wade that he was laughing at me, when I had problems with the west. And now it was his turn to face the West. I also told him that he was bound to fail as a leader, if he succumbs to the West. I advised him to be mindful of the white people, but he never heeded to my advice. He ended up being voted out of office,” Jammeh said.

gambie-senegalAccording to Jammeh, he has no problem with the Senegalese people. He alleged that the problem lies on the leadership in Dakar, claiming that Senegal as a country, is not an independent sovereign nation. He told his supporters that both past and present Senegalese administrations owe their allegiance to France, and could hardly execute any serious national policy decision without consulting their former colonial masters. He said under President Sall’s leadership things became worst, as Senegalese had to reach out to him (Jammeh) to help develop their country for them. He said Macky’s government is a total failure.

“You don’t need Yahya Jammeh to come to Senegal and develop your country for you. There is no much difference between Senegal and The Gambia. If Gambia can develop, why not Senegal? All you need is: A sincere, committed, honest, independent, and God fearing President. You need to vote out your President Macky Sall and elect an honest leader, who has the country’s interest at heart. Macky Sall is a western puppet leader. He is not independent at all. He is presiding over a non-sovereign nation called Senegal,” Jammeh charged.

wadeIn an apparent move to break diplomatic protocol, in regards to government to government dealings, Jammeh used his “dialogue with the people tour” to attack the Macky Sall administration. Jammeh said the current Sall government and previous Senegalese administrations haven’t reciprocated Gambia’s bilateral gestures towards the former French colony. He said from  1994 to date, $250 million dollars have been trickled into the Senegalese economy—thanks to Gambia’s developmental projects awarded to Senegalese companies. He added that the airport, Kerrewan bridge, the Farafenni hospital, including other national projects were built by Senegalese companies. He also said Senegalese migrants dominated Gambia’s E-commerce.

“You go to Market Sandaga in Dakar, there are less than five hundred Gambians there. Right here in Farafenni, Senegalese traders dominated the market. We have never been hostile against Senegalese. No Senegalese can say that he, or she has been insulted or harassed in this country. Your government is the problem,” Jammeh said.

According to Mr. Jammeh, from 1994 to date, the Senegalese government has closed the border more than nine times. In one instance, he said, the border was closed for five months.

YAYA JAMMEH NEW“When I closed the border for three days, there was a public outcry. People from all around the world came to beg me. They said I am a man of peace. I should just let go and open the border. I said to myself, these people are hypocrites. When Senegal close the border, it is not a problem, but when I do it; it is a problem. A Senegalese lady came to beg me, saying that let me, not mind their government because the border closure was going to prevent Senegalese kids from going to school; that the Ramadan was around the corner. I accepted her plea and opened the border. I told her that I don’t have problem with the average Senegalese, but I had problem with their government,” said Jammeh.

Mr. Jammeh also talked about the football violence between Senegal and The Gambia. He accuses President Wade of orchestrating the violence. He said his own Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy had to beg him to calm Gambians otherwise there was going to be collateral damage. He said even Senegalese nationals fought in defense of Gambians. He later issued a press release calling for ceasefire, which he says helped a great deal in ending the violence between the two countries.

Mr. Jammeh said he is not afraid of any nation, and that if Macky Sall thinks that he is wavering, he must be out of his mind. He said Macky Sall and his administration should know that he is aware of their “sinister plots” against his administration.

“I am waiting for them. Let them come. We will deal with them,” Jammeh warned.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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