Gambia: Gambia’s Ambassador To US Is Complaining About Not Been Able To Access Minister Neneh Macdouall Gaye!


Working relationship between The Gambian Ambassador to the United States of America Sheikh Omar Faye, AKA Goor and Foreign Minister boss Neneh Macdouall Gaye has not been very cordial, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Faye has been frantically trying to get hold of Ms. Macdouall Gaye, during her recent visit to the US but without much success. He doesn’t have Neneh’s contact details while she was in New York. He even complained to a friend of his that Neneh is apparently not reaching out to him as the Ambassador designate in this country.

NenehWhat Goor fails to realize is that Neneh Macdouall Gaye, has been that type of jealous and protective woman, who wouldn’t want to see anyone close to her dictator boss Yahya Jammeh. This dates back to her old days at GRTS and at the Communication Ministry. She verbally reprimands reporters, news anchors, and TV managers for not meeting her work performance expectations.

Goor, you wonder why Neneh is not calling you? Well, this could be attributed to your recent close ties with Jammeh. Neneh is not happy that Jammeh is bypassing her to assign you to run errands for him in the United States. You portfolio as Ambassador, falls under the purview of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And evidently, under normal job protocol, you should not be dealing with Jammeh directly without the expressed consent of your boss Ms. Macdouall Gaye.  But that’s not the case in today’s Gambia. Jammeh employs divide and rule game to sow seeds of discord among his workers.

For some reason, Jammeh is in love with Omar Faye for now. Faye has really won Jammeh’s confidence. Jammeh has even assigned Faye to purchase buses for him in the US ahead of the 2016 elections. He also tasked him to secure a new lobbyist for him, in addition to the recent freighting job Jammeh tasked him to carryout on his behalf for the Jammeh family.

All the above aforementioned transactions relate to money and power. And Neneh felt that Omar is growing feathers, and therefore his close ties with Jammeh could to some extent threatens her job as a Foreign Minister. She then decided to avoid Omar for obvious reasons.

Generally speaking, people close to Jammeh are widely feared in his government. So Neneh’s fears are legitimate to some degree. But on the other hand, as stated earlier, she suspects that Faye might be snitching on her, or possibly trying to take her job in the foreseeable future.  In most cases, folks close to Jammeh are often snitches or ass kissers. Jammeh doesn’t allow truthful workers to be very close to him.  That his (MO) modus of operandi.

Omar Faye is facing a tough time at the embassy. His relationship with Pierre Miniteh, Jammeh’s onetime most trusted agent at the embassy, is based on the usual “masla” syndrome.  Faye has changed since he was confirmed as an Ambassador. Pierre could have been elevated to the position of a Deputy Ambassador, but Goor is not pushing for that. He is busy making money, building contacts, and making love.

The middle-aged woman Gorr brought to the Embassy for internship has stopped reporting to work since on Monday. This followed a Freedom Newspaper publication exposing Goor’s recent move to use his office to absorb a friend of his into the embassy. The lady in question is a longtime friend of Goor. She was either attending Gambia High or Saints. She claimed to have bagged a degree in a certain academic discipline.

In another development, Yahya Jammeh has asked his Works Minister Balla Jahumpa to stay away from his dialogue with the people’s tour. Balla is apparently worried. He doesn’t know where his fate lies. He is complaining to his friends that he risked being fired because he couldn’t understand why Jammeh is preventing him from taking part in the tour.

It should be noted that Balla is not that well. He was recently flown to Spain for medical treatment. Perhaps, Jammeh wanted to excuse him from the tour on the basis of his poor health condition, but Balla is skeptical. He is sitting home paranoid.

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