Gambia: Jammeh Freezes His Press Secretary’s Salary!


Sources close to Dictator Jammeh’s State House and the Treasury have informed this medium that the deranged despot has ordered a freeze on the salary of MOMODOU SAIDYhis Press Director, Momodou Saidy. The dictator’s order was given about three months following reports from his newly installed MD of the Daily Observer Fatou Jobe that Saidy abused his office by taking huge sum of money amounting to over D200,000 in personal loans during his 23 months tenure as Observer MD and also doubling his salary from D18,000 to D35,000.

The dictator as usual ordered an audit exercise at the Daily Observer to probe into Saidy activities covering the period he served as Observer MD. The auditors are now compiling their report. Saidy is finding it difficult, but is afraid to make noise about it even though the order is illegal because Observer is a private institution while his current State House job is a public service job.

This is utterly wrong and Dictator Jammeh has once again showed his total disregard for the rules of fair game. Saidy is not the least happy with his State House job, where is just receiving D6000 compared to D35,000 at Daily Observer. Despite all the wonderful things Saidy did for the despot and the deranged leader, it has not appeased the dictator.

Written By An Insider

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