Gambia: Jammeh Admits Publicly That He Has Monetary And Leadership Problems Facing Him!


Few days after attacking the past and present Senegalese government leadership, Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh, has finally admitted that he as the President of the country, has indeed been confronted with all sorts of domestic and worldly problems—be it economic, monetary and societal issues, but Mr. Jammeh maintained that such challenges would not make him to lose sleep as a God fearing Muslim.  Hence, the deranged Kanilai born dictator admonishes his countrymen to put their faith in God and understand that besides any hardship, there is bound to be joy at the end of the day. Mr. Jammeh was speaking in the Wollof dialect, during a meeting held in the Nuimis. 

gambia_king_of_gambia_lon102_18615793“Some people often said that they have problems bothering them—be it personal or national issues. I being the President of this country, and also as a global leader, I have my own problems, including the problems of The Gambia and world over. I have issues affecting me, but that wouldn’t make me, to lose my sleep. Each time, I have been confronted with a problem, I pray to God to help me overcome my personal problems and that of the country,” Jammeh told his supporters at a meeting held in Nuimi.  

Jammeh’s statement followed a national reaction in Senegal, particularly the press in the French speaking country, who unequivocally denounced Jammeh’s recent bashing of President Macky Sall and his predecessors. The Senegalese media maintained that Jammeh’s regime has been confronted with an economic crisis and as such the buffoonery Kanilai despot is shifting his leadership shortcomings to his neighbors.

“There is no one here, who could say that I have more problems than the President. How about me Yahya Jammeh, the President of this country?  The world’s problems is of concern to me, including Gambia’s problems. As a President, I have more on my plate than the average ordinary Gambian. Then you don’t have more problems than me. I always pray to God to help me overcome the problems of this country. That’s why I am never temperamental. I know for a fact that if I don’t have it for my country today, I will certainly have it tomorrow God willing. I always thank God,” Mr. Jammeh added.

Macky and jammeh 1“If I know that you don’t like me, or you are pretending to like me, I will cut you lose. I will cease to have dealings with you. God knows what is in our hearts. No one can fool God,” Jammeh said.

Mr. Jammeh has publicly admitted for the first time since coming to power that all is not rosy in The Gambia, contrary to his past claims that The Gambia is developing as a nation. He kept stressing that with God, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

“If you believe in God, you will not be jealous. Jealously is a sickness. That’s why some people resort to lying and destroying each other. No matter what type of problem one is faced with, he or she will sleep well. I have traveled worldwide. Each time I see anything good in other countries, I will not be jealous.  I will try to emulate them,” Jammeh said.

Still commenting on the issue of jealously and the ongoing infighting in the country, Jammeh attributed the problem to lack of faith. He noted that people who believes in God, should not be jealous about the success of other human beings.

macky“For example, if Modou Joof has something, you feel like he shouldn’t have it. You try to play the seniority card. That is lack of faith in God. Even though some people are jealous, I have never seen anyone wishing himself to be poor, sick, or to die. Often time, one is jealous of people ahead of him, or her. No one pray to be sick or poor. Then why the hate and jealously? People should remember that despite our nice cars, and houses, we will one day die and leave them behind. Even Modou Joof will die one day. Even myself Yahya Jammeh will die one day. Why the greed and jealously? People should have faith in God and stop being jealous. If one is jealous, he or she will never be at peace,” Jammeh said, adding that it is also wrong for people to judge or discriminate at others because of their outlook. He observed that one being ugly doesn’t mean that he or she should be rejected by society.

Mr. Jammeh’s speech largely centered on religion, God, and humanity. He also warned against tribalism and racism. 

“Anyone, who practices tribalism doesn’t believe in God. Anyone, who practices racism doesn’t believe in God. A real Muslim should know that all tribes, including whites have been created by God. All humans are equal irrespective of one’s tribe, creed, or color,” Jammeh said.  

The Gambian autocratic despot also picked on Gambian men, who are in the habit of marrying four wives. He said many a time such men are being fed by their wives. He told Gambian women not to divorce, deny food, clothing or sex to their unemployed husbands. Jammeh claimed that women’s heaven is guaranteed hereafter provided that they are married to their husbands faithfully. 

Jammeh also promised to install electricity for the people of  Nuimi, while jokingly saying that on condition that they succeed in recalling the rampaging hyenas from Nuimi eating his cattle in Kanilai. The tour continues.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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