Gambia: Jammeh Suspends Scholarships For Gambian Foreign Students; As Tour Becomes A Failure, Jammeh Forces Schools To Welcome Him!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, DCC is on the tour but we can tell you that it is a total failure. We are at Central River Region and we can attest to you that the tour is a complete failure and the turn out is very, very low. Even dictator Jammeh is aware of it and is complaining and is getting worried. According to our DCC agent at the tour monster Jammeh is angry why there are too many empty chairs at the meeting events. People are refusing to attend the meetings, even Yai Compings and senior government officials are not afraid to attend the meeting. The Gambian people are slowly and surely staying and moving away from dictator Jammeh. The few people attending the tour are complaining, there is no money and our agent who filed this report is saying that monster Jammeh is drain and sick. Dictator Jammeh is constantly seeing doctors in the middle of the night. Everybody is tired here, every body has turned to a beggar, we are here begging each other and all of us are concerned about feeding our families. Even ministers are refusing to attend the meeting, this is serious. Due to the low turn out of CRR monster Jammeh has issued strict directives to the Imams, governors, chiefs, Alkalos, police, immigration, army and even school head masters of URR, LRR and to the rest of the country that they force people to come and attend the meeting. The schools have been instructed to disrupt students classes so that they can go out and give a rousing welcome to dictator Jammeh.

We the security detail have never seen such a low turnout, something is terribly wrong, Gambians are not afraid of monster Jammeh anymore. We also noticed that many young girls are not attending the meetings, DCC is pleased that Gambians are heeding to our advice. So warning to URR, LRR and the rest of the regions, refrain your daughters and wives from attending any APRC meeting, they will be raped and abused. Warning to IMAMS, Governors, chief and Alkalos, it is not your duty to force people to attend monster Jammeh’s program, do not force anyone to go to the meeting, DCC is warning all of you and everything is being documented, you will be judged one day. Dictator Jammeh will continue to see a low turnout and it will be worst for the rest of the tour. Monster Jammeh also issued instructions for the so call pardon prisoners not to follow him on the tour.

Fellow Gambians, monster Jammeh has started recalling all the students he is sponsoring. This applies for all the so call scholarship around the world. According to our DCC state house agent, students in India, Singapore, Venezuela, UK, America and everywhere in the world have no money and some of them are stranded. Monster Jammeh through the COP Sanna Jarju has refused to sponsor the students anymore. Some of them are starving and our DCC agent in Asia is reporting that some Gambian students are starving and they don’t want to go home because they know that it is over. Even students who are close to monster Jammeh are facing the same consequences. Monster Jammeh’s immediate family members in America are suffering too and dictator Jammeh has told Sanna that he will not pay for anyone and they all need to return. So there is complete confusion at the state house, and there is no money. Fellow Gambians both Sanna and Omar Faye are all frustrated by this event because schools are calling them because they owe the schools a lot of money.

Our boss Pa Nderry Mbai, please call the school in America and they will confirm this to you, call the school in Venezuela they will confirm this to you.  The students in America are calling state house and crying everyday and they were promised by Sanna and Omar Faye that the school fees will be paid. According to our state house agent, at one time Omar Faye, had visited the school and told the school about Freedom Newspaper. He told the school that Freedom Newspaper is here to tarnish the image of the country and that the school should ignore the Newspaper. Omar Faye told the school that Gambians in the diaspora are jealous of the current Gambian government because their families used to head the former corrupt government. Omar Faye do you want to deny this, Omar Faye actually did Gambians a favor, the school religiously reads the newspaper and is constantly engaging the government about the reports on the Freedom Newspaper. But DCC can assure you that many students across the globe are suffering because dictator Jammeh self non-government scholarship program has failed and some including his own family members are starving. Time will tell but all the students will receive letters to go home by the end of this year. They all have to go help monster Jammeh to be re-elected in the 2016 election, monster Jammeh do not give anything for free. 

Fellow Gambians on a last note, monster Jammeh as we have reported here before is trying to create friction and fight between Gambia and Senegal. Senegal should not underestimate or underrate dictator Jammeh. Monster Jammeh is a security threat in the entire west African region. According to one of our top reliable DCC agent monster Jammeh wants to reclaim some areas of Cassamance and annexed them to Gambia. Dictator Jammeh is serious about this, he believes that some areas in Cassamance belongs to Gambia. He is also trying to distract Gambians from the current hard economic issues, but the Senegalese should take this crazy man seriously. He is trying to create problems before the election so that Gambians can side with him, it’s all a strategy. Dictator Jammeh step down, you have failed the Gambian people. DCC is watching and monitoring your every move, since we mentioned about the Singhateh brothers you have put that strategy on the side, but it will resurface again. TIME WILL TELL.

My boss, the majority of us now are dependent on bank loans, when we receive our salaries the banks will deduct the loans and we are left with nothing, Gambia is very hard, without the loans at the banks people will be starving daily. Finally Gambians, where is devil Zeinab? Whilst dictator Jammeh is touring the nation devil Zeinab is putting the finishing touches on the mansion in Morocco where she will soon ABSCOND.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier

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