Gambia’s erratic dictator Yahya Jammeh has threatened to kill his opponents ahead of the country’s 2016 Presidential elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh made the threat during a meeting held in the Central River Region. “We will kill all troublemakers ahead of the elections. Anyone who wants to upset the peace and stability of this country would be killed before the elections. There wouldn’t be any mercy for troublemakers,” Jammeh told his supporters.

“We will not compromise for the peace and security of this country. People who wants to hide behind politics to cause trouble will be killed. There will be no mercy for the merciless. The security forces have been mandated to protect this country from troublemakers. We will kill them,” Jammeh said during a meeting in Janjangbureh.

Yahya Jammeh came to power through a coup in July of 1994. He overthrew the thirty years Jawara rule. Jammeh has since perpetuated himself into power. He is presiding over a collapsed economy and infrastructure.   


According to Jammeh, members of the opposition have nothing to offer to this country. He warned that any attempt to disturb the country’s peace would be crushed mercilessly. Jammeh repeatedly communicated threats against his opposition during the Janjangbureh meeting. He ordered his security forces to be extra vigilant now and before the elections. He told the security forces that they have been licensed to kill troublemakers.

The delusional Gambian despot also claimed that his own militants are calling for no elections, but he said elections must be held just for formality purposes. He observed that elections will not define or decide the fate of his rule.  

 “I saw several banners written on “No election”, but I can tell you election is good, because it shows who are supporting you or not. Election cannot decide my fate, but only the Almighty Allah,” Jammeh said.

This followed an appalling public turnout to grace his meetings. Gambians are going about their normal businesses. No one here is interested in listening to Jammeh’s ridiculous and absurd pronouncements. Jammeh is a loner touring the country. He has been isolated by Gambians. 

A Minister accompanying Jammeh in the tour had this to say: “I think Jammeh has reached his endgame. This tour is an indictment against his regime. Jammeh is now convinced that Gambians don’t like him anymore. People hardly show up in our meetings. Jammeh is speaking out of rage and panic. He is very worried. His threats to kill our people is real. He is determined to use force to stay in power. He is going to render many members of the opposition missing before the elections. His only remaining power constituency base is the army. And not the entire army is with him. His government is at a crossroads.”

“We are presiding over a bankrupt government. There is no money in this country. In addition to that, Gambians are also increasingly dissatisfied with the Jammeh establishment. Some of us are contemplating fleeing before the table flips. Jammeh is a one man, trying to micromanage a failed country and government. There is nothing here,” The Minister added.

Health Minister Omar Sey, who is presiding over a  collapsed health sector, talked about his Ministry’s efforts to revamp the sector. He said they will work towards providing reliable health sector for rural dwellers. This include: Ambulance services, drugs and hospitals, he said.

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