Gambia: Artist Ouza Dialo To React To Jammeh’s Bashing Of Macky Sall; As Dialo Announces New Album For Africa!


Senegal’s oldest and most intellectually lyrical artist of our time Ouza Dialo, has asked to be given time to weigh in on the recent controversy provoked by his Gambian President friend Yahya Jammeh, who recently branded his Senegalese counterpart Macky Sall as  “a weak puppet leader” backed by western governments. Mr. Dialo, who emerged from his recording studio after been contacted for comments by the Freedom Newspaper, said he was not in the position to make a fitting response to the recent controversy engineered by Jammeh of The Gambia—citing tight work schedule at this time. Mr. Dialo said he has been confined to his recording studio for the past couple of days, as he is busy working on a new album, which he dedicated to Africa’s “underdevelopment and mysteries” since the continent gained its independence from her colonial masters.

mackyThe masterpiece album is going to hit the store shelves God willing in January, of next year, he said. The album addresses the stereotype Africa, as a continent suffers over the years, and also the gloomy picture being associated with Africa by the Western and Arab world, he added.

While stressing that he still enjoys cordial relationship with President Yahya Jammeh, Mr. Dialo said once he research on some of the stories published in regards to Jammeh’s statement about Macky, Wade, Diof and Senegal, he will grant an interview to the Freedom Newspaper.

“I have been busy working on a new album, which is due to be out in January. The album is about Africa.. I will not disclose the title of the album for now.. It is going to be a secret.. (laughter…). I spent all my time on the studio working on the album. I want to dedicate the album to Africa. Africa has not gain much development since independence. The continent gained her independence fifty years ago, but there hasn’t been much development recorded. This upcoming album is going to address some of the issues facing Africa as a continent. Since I have lived the primetime of my life, I want to come up with a new album that will address some of the stumbling blocks facing the continent, including western and Arab stereotypes against the continent,” said Ouza Dialo adding that his daughter Ida Ouza, and others would feature in the new album.  He added that he is also collaborating with some artists in Europe to finish up the new album. He  talked about his past close rapport with the late Gambian musician Musa Ngum.

“I was in France not long ago to work on the new album,  My son is part of the project. He lives in France. Pa, I will grant you an interview once I familiarize myself with some of the news I missed whilst I was confined to the Studio. I have been like a pregnant woman these past days. I hardly move around. I am always in the studio trying to piece things together. This is going to be a big project for Africa,” he said.

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