Gambia: Let The Senegalese Government Stop The Hypocrisy Towards The Gambian People!


President Macky Sall knows very well that 90% of the Gambian army is composed of the Jola community from Casamance. We can call it the MFDC army in the Gambia. The Gambian police and other security forces are also composed of over 60% from the Jola community from Casamance. These are the rebels from Casamance that settled in the Gambia helping and protecting Jammeh against Gambians. They besieged The Gambia on the orders of Yaya Jammeh.

Now, if our country’s defence forces are composed of foreigners from Southern Senegal, how would President Macky Sall and his media mogul propaganda machine expect Gambians to fight Yaya Jammeh without help? Do they expect us to fight Jammeh with our bare hands; our loud mouths or our tears? The majority of Gambians are forced into exile and they know it. The only option left for Gambians to fight Jammeh is ultimately the use of force, and we cannot do it without passing the Senegalese territory. The Senegalese people MUST understand the situation Gambians find themselves in. The Senegalese government will NEVER educate its people about this complex army situation in The Gambia. We the Gambians must do it ourselves.

There is no country in the whole world that is faced with such difficulty as Gambians in the Gambia. A country where foreigners control the security forces does not exist anywhere in this world besides the Gambia all under Senegal’s government watch.

If the ordinary Senegalese people don’t know the composition of Jammeh’s army they will never put pressure on its government to help reverse the situation in the Gambia. The Senegalese Presidents and governments are well aware of this fact long time ago. This is one of the reasons why President Abdoulaye Wade as an elderly visionary sees this Jola army formation in the Gambia as a future menace of Senegal’s security.

Macky Sall on the other hand, prefers to maintain this status quo as a temporal peace in Casamance for the duration of his mandate and hand over this hot potato to the next President of Senegal to deal with. This is the hypocrisy of a highest state order between Senegal and Gambia that will one day backfire in the Senegalese backyard. The same scenario has happen with Colonel Gadhafi, when he used the Touaregs from Mali and Niger in his regular army to suppress the Libyan people. When this backfired, Northern Mali exploded, forcing former president (ATT) Amadou Toumani Toure to pay the price of a coup d’état three months before the end of his last term in office.

Senegal should know that Gambians will always fight to regain their land no matter how long it takes, no matter how many Gambians will be killed in the process. The struggle for land is a struggle for life and death and dignity. Gambians cannot go and occupy any other country in this world simply because southern Senegalese people illegally crossed the border and occupy our army and country. The Gambia will never belong to the people of southern Casamance. Today they have the upper hand, they have the guns and Yaya Jammeh but tomorrow Gambians will certainly chase them out of our country. They will have to go back to where they come from. Senegal should take heed to what happen in Mali. We Gambians will never abandon our country to foreigners, we will NEVER.

Yaya Jammeh’s disrespect of Senegalese presidents is a calculated move to test Macky Sall’s resolve as a head of state and Commander in chief. Yaya Jammeh is now militarily satisfied that he has built a powerful jola army over the years in the Gambia and is now ready to move to the next stage by provoking and to annexing territories from the Casamance region, village after village, town after town.  Tranquil village is just the start and more moves are to follow. The Senegalese press is not talking about the Tranquil village debacle. Why?

On the home front, Yaya Jammeh is now satisfied that he has exiled other ethnic Gambians and encouraged the young ones to go to Europe through the deadly back way route. Europeans statistics show that Gambians youths form the majority of those risking their lives through the hot Sahara deserts and the deadly seas as asylum seekers. Today more than half the population is forced into exile.

It is more than high time that Gambians in the diaspora start educating the Senegalese people about the Southern Senegalese Jolas holding the Gambia hostage and in bondage helping Yaya Jammeh to cleanse the country of the other ethnic groups. The present Senegalese government will NEVER tell this hard fact to its people.

Every time, I hear Senegalese and Gambians saying we are one people I say YES, but the Senegalese President and government are not Senegambians at heart. They are not our brother’s keeper because they do not care about our fate as one people. They know what Yaya Jammeh did to us in the army but they prefer to pay a deaf ear and close their eyes on our predicament as Gambians fighting to regain our country from the people of Southern Casamance. President Macky Sall and the Senegalese media prefer to leave the Senegalese people in the dark rather than telling them the danger about Jammeh’s jola army and the need to help Gambians regain their confiscated country, thereby securing its own backyard in the future.

Inshallah Gambians will one day regain their country by any means necessary and the Senegalese government will have to deal with the ex-army soldiers chased from the Gambia national army. They watched Jammeh build this foreign jola army over the years in the Gambia so let them deal with it in the future when they are weeded out and sent back home.

The Gambia is our GOD given territory and Gambians will never accept foreigners to occupy it by force of arms.

Let all of us start educating the ordinary Senegalese people about this dangerous jola army that Gambians will undo once Jammeh is out.

Thank you.

Written By Baboucarr Bojang, Banjul

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