Editorial: ISIS Terrorist Attackers In Paris Should Face The Death Penalty!


We joined the civilized and democratic world in empathizing with the people of France, following the deadly terrorist attack waged against their country by enemies of freedom. The attackers represent no religion, and their actions is reprehensible.

The world should standby France and eradicate terrorism in all its form from the phase of the earth. It is our fervent belief that the earth would be a much better place to live without terrorists. Terrorists should be fought and defeated by any means necessary.

Perpetrators of terrorism often used Islam as a premise to justify their senseless and barbaric killing of humanity and destruction to public property. Islam as a religion, does not advocate for violence in any form. These are misguided and ungodly nonbelievers, who masquerade in the name of religion to wage crimes against humanity. We strongly condemn their ungodly acts.

The terror group ISIS should be exterminated from the phase of the earth. This group is making life miserable for freedom loving citizens around the world. The wanton killings perpetrated by ISIS should be stopped in the interest of world peace. ISIS has no place on this earth. There should be massive global campaign to hunt ISIS and its backers.

I read a piece published by the UK Independent Newspaper, indicating that the mastermind of the Paris terror attack was not a devoted Muslim. That he was not a mosque goer. His own relatives told the Independent that he never attended mosque prayers. What does this tell you as a reader? It means ISIS does not represent any religion.

The war on terror should be intensified. The Obama administration and other western allies have been doing a great job in trying to contain ISIS. Freedom will no doubt prevail over ISIS.

It is also imperative to note that fighting terror should be the job of every freedom loving world citizen. The intelligence community should be alerted for any suspicious activity; in that way their work would be much easier to combat this global menace called ISIS.

Fighting ISIS transcends religion. All people of faith should be unified under one platform to compliment the efforts of the global intelligence community in combating ISIS.  ISIS is a threat to humanity and should be wiped from the phase of the earth.

Finally, we know for a fact that the death penalty is a debatable topic in Europe. Many European countries do not have the death penalty in the provisions of their laws. As such offenders are on the rise. This is largely due to lack of tough laws against perpetrators of murder and terrorism.

We hope the perpetrators of the Paris attack will face the death penalty, since they have caused such a collateral damage against innocent lives and freedom loving country France. We rest our case.  

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