Gambia: Jammeh Fires His Secretary General And Presidential Affairs Minister!


Gambia’s iron fist dictator Yahya Jammeh has fired his Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Lamin Nyabally, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Nyabally received his marching orders today before close of business. He was allowed to retain his Fisheries Ministry position.

Mr. Nyabally served less than two years in the position he was hired to head. No reason was given for his removal. Observers are of the view that he is likely to be fired from the Fisheries Ministry.

The decision followed the reinstatement of his predecessor Momodou Sabally, who has now been recycled to head the pro-government Daily Observer Newspaper.  Mr. Sabally was recently “pardoned” by dictator Jammeh. He was accused of abuse of office.

Few days ago, when we reported on this medium that dictator Yahya Jammeh is ill and has been sleeping consistently during the tour, some of his supporters thought that we were just being hateful. Now what happens in Basse, has confirmed our reportage. Jammeh couldn’t deliver a speech in Basse. The GRTS reporters and camera crew accompanying Jammeh were even at lost as to how to file their news script because Jammeh’s sudden absence from the gathering caused some alarm. Jammeh was conspicuously absent during the Basse meeting, when it was his turn to take on the podium to address the crowd.

Jammeh was briefly spotted at the meeting and he then retired at his government allocated rest house, amid ailing health condition. He couldn’t withstand the heavy heat; hence his migraine and diabetes two attacked him.

Jammeh has been quarantined for the past couple of hours. He could hardly walk or talk. He constantly vomit and defecates nonstop. He even passed out at some point—prompting speculations that he was dead. His Syrian doctor was on site to see him.

Contrary to reports circulating on social media about the death of Jammeh, we can report with authority that Mr. Jammeh is alive. In fact, Jammeh has responded well to treatment. He has gotten back to his feet. He is likely to cut short his tour, until he recovers fully.

A Minister accompanying Jammeh on the tour said: “Jammeh’s health deteriorated when we reached Basse. As rightly reported by your paper last week, Jammeh is not healthy. He is sick, but he is stubbornly touring the country despite all odds. He nearly died in Basse. Thanks to his Syrian medical team, he was treated. He cannot stand long due to ill health. We are all confused at this hour. The person heading the tour is medically handicapped. He is insisting that he wants to continue with the tour, even though he is not okay medically. He may fall down and die in one of the meetings if he doesn’t mind. If the disease strikes, Jammeh defecates himself. I tell you no lie. That’s how serious is his illness.”

In another development, an unspecified number of soldiers, policemen and NIA officers have absconded from the jurisdiction of The Gambia. Jammeh was shocked when his intelligence briefed him about the increasing number of soldiers embarking on an AWOL.  AWOL means “absent from work without leave.” It is a military term.

Jammeh’s threat to kill his opponents ahead of the 2016 elections is real. Let no one underestimate Jammeh. The opposition should be extra vigilant.

Just few weeks ago, Jammeh unloaded a shipment of dangerous arms from the ports. The arms were escorted to the State House and Kailai.

It is not clear where Jammeh secured the arms, but reports have it that North Korea supplied the arms to him. Jammeh’s government and the dictatorship in North Korea had reached an agreement on secret arms smuggling trade, sources said.  Jammeh even said he was going to open an embassy in North Korea, during the initial talks he had with the Koreans, our source added. But he is yet to open an embassy in North Korea.

North Korea has been slapped with an arms shipment embargo by the United Nations. Dictator Jammeh should explain the source of his recent arms consignment.

Jammeh is trying to arm his soldiers ahead of the elections, but a good number of his guards have started defecting. There is low staff morale in the army. The soldiers are not happy with the status quo.

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