Gambia: Gambia’s Pale President Loses Weight, Following Basse Quarantine!


Looking pale, weak, malnourished and dejected, the sick Gambian President, has suddenly emerged from his sickbed, following speculations that the dictator was in coma, when his diabetes two attacked him in Basse during the dialogue with the people’s tour, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. This latest Jammeh picture published by the pro-government newspaper, the Daily Observer, has confirmed reports that the dictator is indeed sick. Jammeh has lost weight dramatically. Just take a look at the picture closely and you will see a medically challenged despot. Jammeh’s health has significantly deteriorated for the past couple of days.

jammeh sickThere is also a missing puzzle in the picture. Guess what? One of Jammeh’s close bodyguards is conspicuously missing in the portrait. Jammeh used to have three bodyguards standing behind him. But the guard who used to stand at the center; right behind him is missing.

Mind you, all these followed, when this medium reported that Jammeh suffered a seizure in Basse, prompting his Syrian medical team to come to his aid. We also reported that during the period in question Jammeh consistently urinate and defecates himself.  

The dictator fired his Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister, as soon as he regained recovery. He allowed him to retain his Fisheries Minister portfolio. He also reinstated his former SG and Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally, the same day. He assigned Sabally to head the Daily Observer for him.

News of his ailing health prompted him to effect the recent changes. The Freedom Newspaper story went viral and Jammeh wanted to proof a point that he is still in control of the government. He also effected an internal changes within his bodyguards.

Jammeh is not happy that his health secrets are being leaked to the Freedom Newspaper. He is working hard to contain information. But the reality is that: Jammeh’s trusted security agents have been infiltrated. A lot of information is trickling from Banjul. Jammeh’s own guards are talking freely. They are not sure as to whether Jammeh would survive his latest medical challenges.

Jammeh was diagnosed for cancer, diabetes two, high blood pressure, and migraine. He is also living with a terminal disease, which we would not disclose here for the sake of his health privacy.

Momodou Sabally’s reinstatement came at a time that a Freedom Radio Gambia Banjul caller suggested that Jammeh should handover the country to Mr. Sabally for the sake of peace. The caller said Sabally used to be his classmate at Saint Peters. He said he has no doubt in his mind that Mr. Sabally is capable of leading the country if chosen by Jammeh to replace him.

Jammeh listens to Freedom Radio religiously. Sabally’s reinstatement is a decoy. He wants to let go Lamin Nyabally and in the process he brought in Nyabally’s predecessor. Nyabally will soon be shown the exit door.

It would be recalled that Sabally was fired and later reassigned to the Education Ministry. He got fired from the Education Ministry few days after his redeployment.

A Minister accompanying Jammeh in the tour said: “Jammeh is likely to die soon if God doesn’t come to his aid. We don’t think he is going to make it. Gambians should start bracing up for change. If this man dies here without a proper succession plan, this country is likely to be thrown into turmoil. Jammeh should consider stepping down. The least we want as a nation, is for Jammeh to die and the country to be rendered ungovernable because of power struggle. Wise leaders plans for the future, but Jammeh is selfish.”  

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