Gambia: Gambian Leader Refuses To Seek Overseas Medical Treatment For Fear Of Being Toppled In Absentia!


Gambia’s iron fist dictator Yahya Jammeh has declined recommendations made by his medical surgeon to seek further medical treatment overseas for fear of being toppled in absentia by the country’s army or the nation’s disenchanted populace, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh is suffering from diabetes two, migraine, and a terminal disease, which we couldn’t disclose for heath privacy issues. Jammeh has been suffering from repeated seizures characterized by constant defecation, sources close to the State House have informed this medium.

jammeh sickJammeh’s ailing health further deteriorated on Saturday, amid reports that he collapsed in the presence of his close aides. The dictator has significantly lost weight. There is growing panic and anxiety within Jammeh’s close confidants and Ruling APRC Party. Their party is leader is sick and apparently he is refusing to seek treatment outside the frontiers of the impoverished West African nation.

Mr. Jammeh came to power in July of 1994. He toppled the thirty years People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government, which was led by Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. Jammeh accuses the then Jawara administration of rampant corruption, abuse of office and nepotism to justify the coup he spearheaded together with the former Junta number two man Sanna Bairo Sabally, Edward Singhateh, the late Saidibou Hydra and Yankuba Touray.

Twenty one years later, Jammeh emerged as the richest African President. He owns multimillion dollar homes in the United States, France, Canary Island, Brazil, Morocco, and Guinea Conakry. Jammeh also owns three aircrafts. He controls almost ninety percent of Gambia’s collapsed economy—with his business evident all over the country.

According to highly placed administration sources, Mr. Jammeh’s refusal to seek treatment overseas could further complicates his ailing health condition. One official speaking on condition of anonymity told the Freedom Newspaper that Jammeh doesn’t trust his army.

“Jammeh is not convinced that if he travels he would be allowed back into the country. As you may know, every sector of national development in this country has collapsed. There is also increasing dissatisfaction in the country, especially within the security forces. Gambians are not happy with the way Jammeh is presiding over the affairs of this country. In that Jammeh has failed as a leader. He has proven to be incompetent to run this country,” said our source.  

“Yahya Jammeh is good at making unfulfilled promises. He lied last year that come December 2015, Gambians will not import rice. His Trade Minister has recanted that statement of Jammeh. He said the rice importation ban has been extended to December 2016. He also lied that he was going to make education free for Gambian students this past July. The birds are now flying with the Jammeh lies. His government cannot provide jobs for the youths. There is massive unemployment in this country. Many youths are venturing through the risky back way to Europe. We have lost close to five thousand youths over the years through the back way. In addition to that, there is hunger in this country. Gambians are dying in large numbers due to hunger related problems. The collapsed health sector couldn’t cater for our sick citizens and non-citizens alike. Fairly wealthy Gambians travel to Senegal, to seek for treatment when they are sick. Jammeh has nothing to offer to his people,” our source added.

Mr. Jammeh’s surgeon is always around him. Jammeh travels with a bag full of medicine. His bodyguards are increasingly worried. They said Jammeh constantly insult them each time his migraine attacks him.

“Jammeh is becoming a nuisance.  He insults his bodyguards, who protect him from being harmed. This is crazy. He insulted one of the guards while we were in Basse in my presence. Jammeh is not Presidential at all,” said a close Jammeh aide.

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